24 January 2013

Shibuya Delicious ~ Japanese - Chinatown [CLOSED]

At Shibuya Delicious Japan everything is $3.50. Including beer. Nuff said. Almost.


Now this is a sign that's going to lure a pair of tightwads like us off the street. .

Shibuya Delicious Japan is a casual little spot. Their Facebook page says they opened only a couple of months ago in November 2012. The menu has had a makeover already so we're not sure how long this $3.50 deal is going to be around, so our advice is to get in quick.

Asahi beer, fully imported from Japan for $3.50. We get a second round just to make sure we weren't dreaming. We also noticed some folks buying sake by the bottle, next time we will enquire.

The food is cheap and simple it and reminds us of happy times drinking beer with the salarymen in Tokyo and Osaka. The servings are a good size for the price so you can sample a few dishes without stretching the wallet or waistline.

  • The wasabi octopus is raw and has quite a strong flavour, we like it but it's not for everybody, goes well with a beer.
  • The pork katsudon (deep fried pork cutlet) is naughty but nice, the creamy mash potato concoction is a winner too, served with Bulldog (Japanese BBQ) sauce.
  • The baked mackerel is our favourite, two good sized pieces, a salty dish that does well with a beer.
  • Dragon roll sushi is a surprise hit, the eel is warm and we have a little food nerd moment

  • Agedashi tofu - cooked with a firmer tofu that we are used to, we quite like this for a change.
  • Mussel soup - a dozen mussels in a clear simple broth that tastes of the sea.
  • Oden soup - mixed tofu bits and pieces in a sweet clear soup, simple classic stodge filler, another classic that we enjoyed while drinking with the salarymen in Japan
  • Spicy pork - this tastes like Korean pork bulgolgi, a particular favourite of ours

Groovy beer posters.

Shibuya Delicious Japan menu - click to enlarge...

Shibuya Delicious Japan is at shop 2 6 Dixon Street, Chinatown. According to their facebook page they are open 12am to midnight, till 2am on Friday and Saturday.

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  1. awesome. and completely sold on Jap import beer, can't stand when u order a beer from country which isn't from that country. and $3.5, redics as bondi hipsters would say.

  2. They have a nifty sake machine dispenser as well. Only $3.50 for a sake too! Totes redic!

  3. A comment from reader Stan that was deleted by accident:

    Definitely worth a try!

    Arp - you are right - Asahi stubbies available in Australia are usually brewed in Thailand - they have FULLY IMPORTED plastered all over them, but taste like sh*t, as you would expect. Check the fine print. If these ones are actually brewed in Japan, then $3.50 is a bargain for restaurant prices.


  4. Thanks for posting this. We went there a few days ago and wanted to go again. We couldnt find it and were going in circles around Chinatown until I Googled $3.50 Japanese restaurant Chinatown Sydney, and found your blog

    1. Glad to be of service! Can't believe that place is so good and so cheap, glad you went back for seconds.

  5. had a look for this place today, part on your recommendation (and $3,50 Asahi..) Their pricing is now in the $12-20+ mains region, and I think $6.50 beers.

    We went next door to Kura, really enjoyed it - good food, 2 mains & a side for $27.Pleased.

  6. I recognize that place. Isn't that used to be that Uighur cuisine restaurant years ago?

    Anyway, I've seen a lot of this kind of restaurant in Japan. It's somewhat categorized as Izakaya food, I guess. The single-price concept has been used in places like Kin no kura Jr (in Shibuya, Tokyo) which is one of my favorite cheapo eatery in Japan. It's only 270 yen a dish (around AUD 2.70)...gosh, Sydney is much more expensive than Japan nowadays. What on earth is going on.

    1. Yes, we've noticed how much cheaper it is to eat great quality food in Japan. A population numbers game we guess. WE will be in Tokyo in August and have one of these set price places on our hit list.


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