21 March 2013

Little Bloggers in Big China Part 2

Our blog posts about our China adventures continue their fascinating viral journey, most recently with a spread in the Chinese edition of Outside magazine.

When we went to China in 2011/2012, we never imagined the blog posts we wrote would be so interesting to the Chinese themselves. Thanks to a reader in Florida USA who translated our posts, Feiqi's translations sparked an incredible interest into why two Australians loved China and the food so much.

Feiqi and us were contacted by the Chinese office of Outside magazine and asked for permission to reproduce her translation and our photos for an article. We never imagined it would look so good!

Feiqi has kindly sent us some scans of how the article looks, apologies for the size but it's the best we can do. If anyone is in Hong Kong, China or Macau you should be able to buy the Chinese version there (it isn't in the US version). We don't have a hard copy so if anyone is out there with access drop us a line, we'd love to get hold of it (still waiting on one from the publisher). We were only just there last week but we had no idea then we had been published!

We will have more posts coming soon from our recent eating adventures in Hong Kong, Guangzhuo,  Zhaoqing, Zhuhai and Macao.
Scroll down for the pages, read if you can and 干杯 (cheers!).

We love the dog photos they used in this one! That chow chow almost took Alison's arm off.

May your eating adventures always be good ones...


  1. This is interesting stuff. You obviously don't perceive the world around you as the average Chinese person might, so you see things in a way the average Chinese person wouldn't. The average Chinese person would take many of these images for granted and not bother taking photos of them. In a similar vein I suspect if you let a Chinese photographer loose in Australia, you might find that the photos such a person created would create a lot of interest. Congratulations about having your stuff published in a Chinese magazine. This is all about living your life and dreams to the max.

  2. Wow fantastic! It looks amazing indeed! They should invite you back for a free trip around the country :)

  3. You're famous! In China! That's like a billion new followers right there. Well done!

  4. Excellent!! Happy to hear your blog posts have been translated into Chinese and that you are both famous! haha!

  5. Congrats. What a fantastic spread. Your shots came out brilliantly too.


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