23 October 2020

Mogu Mogu ~ Japanese - Chinatown

In our eternal search for hole-in-the-wall restos with outdoor seating we discover that Japanese sweetie shop Mogu Mogu on George Street has a donburi (stuff on rice) menu. Happy happy!

There's a constant trickle of customers making a beeline for Mogu Mogu, folks who seem to know what they're after: glorious sugary obanyaki, cream-filled pancakes, and snacketty takoyaki. 

We've walked past Mogu Mogu a zillion times and never seen anybody hooking into donburi.  So our expectations are low, but being the culinary daredevils we are, we give the donburi a crack. Living on the edge, baby!  But we're not really taking a risk because the folks running the show are from Japan, a country where even 7-Eleven sandwiches are things of wonder. 

Unagi don - $14.00. We love the way Japan does eel in a little sweet bbq-ish sauce, and this is spot on. Our fave dish here.

Gydon - $13.50. Slithers of stewed beef on rice with ginger and grated cabbage. Always love us a gyudon.

Shoga butadon ontama - $16.20. Stewed finely slice pork with super soft googie egg, ginger and grated cabbage on rice. 

We try to avoid sugary treats for health reasons but we do have to take some fructose for the team now and again, such as this obanyaki ($3.20). It's a beautiful little plain cakey with a crisper outer and moist inner bits, with a little matcha (or chocolate, custard or red bean). A lovely little sugar hit.

Mogu mogu donburi menu.

Mogu mogu menu.

Mogu mogu menu.

Mogu mogu is at 665 George Street, Sydney. Next to Starbucks. We'll be back for takoyaki and pancakes soon...

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