09 May 2013

Bankstown Lebanese Restaurant

Bankstown Lebanese Restaurant: the name says it all. It's in Bankstown. It's Lebanese. And it's a restaurant.

But who are we to jest about overly obvious naming conventions? We are the creative geniuses with a blog about street food called "Street Food". And a used travel book shop called "Used Travel Books."

We joke that our uber un-creative branding ideas come from the "Mr Shawn School of Marketing". Our all time favourite example of Mr Shawn Marketing is from the Chinese spiritual movement, Falun Gong, who often use the snappy tagline: "Falun Gong is Good".

That may be amusing but it leaves us with no way to segue from a Chinese religion back to a Lebanese restaurant in Bankstown, called Bankstown Lebanese Restaurant. Not without cheating anwyay. Did we ever mention that Mr Shawn looks like an Anglo version of Chairman Mao?

Anyhoo, Bankstown Lebanese Restaurant is the kind of joint we live for: a small family run joint that is all about the food and nothing but the food. It's simple, clean and pretty friendly too. The bloke in charge when we visited was a lovely, serene and welcoming gent. It's a pleasant spot for good, quick, cheap lunch. They have killer breakfast dishes too.

Eggs with sujuk - $10. A lovely sweet-spicy sausage fried up with googie eggs. Lebanese breakfast dishes are so yummy we could imagine them going mainstream, if we owned a cafe we'd slap this on the menu in a shot.

Sanbousek - $9. These are like little Cornish pasties, only very lightly spiced with a little meat (looked like chicken) and veggie inside.

Foule - $6. A favourite of ours, mashed fava beans cooked into a heartwarming goo with olive, onion, parsley and lemon, with whole chickpeas for substance. It's one of those vegetarian dishes that tastes so good you could swear there was meat hidden in there somewhere. We saw one bloke order foule, it came with bread and side salad, a delicious and nutritious meal for only $6. Six bucks!

With every meal comes a plate of pickles, olives, tomato, raw onion and mint. The pickled chilis are wonderful, they had a bit of a kick but didn't blow one's head off.

Bankstown Lebanese Restaurant Menu

Bankstown Lebanese Restaurant is at 19 Restwell Street, Bankstown. Phone 02 9793 8710.

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  1. The Street Food Blog is (a good) blog. I applaud you Chairman Shawn.

  2. Street Food Blog is marketing genius!! Hail Chairman Shawn!

  3. I love this blog. While certain other Sydney food blogs that documented the cheap eats end of the spectrum that I won't mention here have slowly crept upmarket in terms of their restaurants reviewed, you guys have stayed true to your roots in blogging the excellent, cheap and authentic ethnic food on offer in Sydney. Keep up the good work guys, I can spend hours browsing through your old reviews, this blog really encourages me to try new places.

    Again, keep up the good work!

    1. There's just so many great places to go. We hope to be at it for a long while to come, thanks for the encouragement.

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  5. Lebanese food is actually really interesting and I haven't been able to find a good one in Sydney just yet. Looks like this one may have been one dug out of storage coz I've not seen it before! All the more reason to go have on a food excursion…


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