14 May 2013

Dish of the Month - Steam Pork Belly from Xian Kitchen, Dixon House Food Court [CLOSED]

We thought we'd try highlighting some of our favourite finds that sometimes get buried amongst our posts. Our very first dish of the month is steamed pork belly from Xi'an Kitchen in Dixon House, Chinatown. 


A delicate steam makes the thin pork belly slices soft and gelatinous, and a coating of delicious broth provides extra flavour.

The pork is so fatty we can hear Michelle Bridges screaming from here. The layers of fat and meat are tender, lying in slender lines like a carefully constructed heart attack inducing terrine. There are about 10 pieces of pork in the bowl, a generous serve.

Underneath the pork slices are short cut stems and leaves of a chinese spinach and same size chunks of bean curd skin. The broth is a wonder mix of stock and (optional) chilli oil. There's no starch in this dish, no noodles hiding underneath, but the dish comes with a bowl of rice on the side.

The other killer dish from Xian Kitchen is the cold rice noodle with chili oil - a garlicky umami wonder. We've had a lot of cold chilli noodles lately but this is the one we keep coming back to. Awesome.

On the menu board it's the very first picture so it's easy to find. It does sell out so get in early in the day. Xi'an Kitchen is in Dixon House Food Court, corner of Dixon and Little Hay Street's Chinatown. 


  1. If I can get out of work early, I may just head down on my way home :)

  2. Will definately need to try this when i'm in the city next, not much good street food here in Katoomba hehehe.

    1. Jump on the train and head on down to Blacktown, not that far really on an express. Is the Saigon Roll place still in Leura?

    2. There is a bakery that sells banh mi in Leura (is this what you were referring to?), there's also a place that does banh mi down in Springwood, and a Vietnamese restaurant in Blaxland.

  3. There's a Thai new stall in Dixon House in the spot where the old Thai stall was, yay :)


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