06 December 2021

Chhole Poori and Paneer Dosa at Nashta Traditional Indian Breakfast, Lakemba

Across the road from the train station at Lakemba is a small cafe that specialises in Indian breakfast dishes, serving them all day. It's a brief menu, crisp edged dosa, fried wada (or vada), puffy poori with chickpea curry and a weekend khichiri special. This is Indian in and out breakfast, scoop with the bread or fingers and get on with your day.

Served on no frills sheets of white butchers paper on a tray, the dosa here has a solid crunch, we tried the paneer dosa with shreds of the cottage cheese over a spiced onion base, rolled up and served with a carrotty sweet sauce and a coconut chutney.

Chhole poori is four puffed pieces of fried unleavened bread and the chhole is a mix of whole chickpeas in a spiced curry sauce. There is the same coconut chutney to mix in with the chhole or swirl around or scoop up with chunks of the bread.

A brief menu is a good menu. The khichiri weekend special was sold out by midday Sunday, so we would advise you to get in early.

Nashta Traditional Indian Breakfast is at Shop 5 / 61-67 Haldon Street, Lakemba, the entrance is off The Boulevarde.


  1. Hi guys, it's been 10 months and no new posts. We missed your posting!

    1. Thanks! We've been enjoying the luxury of sticking to our favourite restaurants, a nice change after trying to to eat everywhere for ten years, but doesn't make for interesting blogging. We'll get back in the zone sooner or later...


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