11 July 2013

Dish of the Month - Miss July - Sake Clams from Kura III

Our second pick for dish of the month is a humble bowl of steamed clams.

Ok, we know we missed out on a Miss June for dish of the month. Winter took a cruel hold and we had our eating adventures curtailed for a time. Nevertheless, we present to you a simple dish that has knocked our socks off each time we've had it for our July beauty.

Outside of Kura III are a few tables where you can sit and watch the world go by. Sitting at the other end of Dixon Street gives you a view across to Arisun, the now defunct monorail and an endless stream of pedestrians walking across to Darling Harbour.

We've grown quite partial to ordering a beer set here for $10, two frosty mugs of Hokkaido beer and a side dish of something fried or battered, usually salmon skins or fins depending on the day. The experience is a lot like the outdoor restos we love around the train line at Ueno in Tokyo, where you can sit outside, have a beer or a chuhai (Alison loves hers mixed with Hoppy) and watch and listen and eat and drink.

Besides the beer set, one of the other dishes we love to get at Kura III while we have a beer are these steamed asari clams in sake sauce, and they are our pick for dish of the month.

These Asari sakamushi are only $5.80 for a little dish. The clam shells provide the perfect little scoops for getting the delicious sake juices up after you've eaten the clams. Fighting often ensues to get the last bits. The clams themselves aren't that spectacular, it's the juices in the bottom we fight over.

The clams also come as part of an udon soup, draped all over the top of a bowl of noodles, but we love them best like this.

Kura III is at 6 Dixon St, Haymarket. Grab a beer set on a Friday night then head down to the Chinatown Night Markets for more snacks.

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