02 July 2013

Albarakeh Charcoal Chicken ~ Lebanese - Liverpool

We believe the secret to everlasting world piece is Lebanese Chicken. There is no other place to find folks of every creed and colour eating in harmony as a Lebanese Chicken joint.
It's not just us. In the "Palestinian Chicken" episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, which is based on a Lebanese chicken chain, comedian Larry David suggests: "What these people should do is send their chicken over to Israel - for the peace process - they'd take down those settlements in the morning, believe me."

We find ourselves in Sydney's deep south with some time to spare and decide to check out Liverpool. There's half a dozen joints we'd like to try, but Mr Shawn only has Al Barakeh on his mind. He used to eat here on the odd work trip to Liverpool some years ago, and wants to know if the chook is as good as he remembers. Just like the famous El Jannah in Granville, we can smell the chook and see the smoke from halfway down the street.

The works - $20 for bread, pickles, toum (uber garlicky white dippy stuff) and a chopped up chook. The chook is fantastic, the strong salty flavour to the skin is intensified by the blackened charcoaled bits. The flavour is so strong we can pad it out with loads of the supplied bread, pickles and toum, and we easily get dinner out of it as well. Bargain. We reckon Al Barakeh's chook is right up there with Sydney's favourite Lebanese chicken joint, El Jannah.

Albarakeh menu - click to enlarge. There's a few more dishes we'd like to come back and try but we can only get to Liverpool once in a blue moon.

Al Barakeh Charcoal Chicken is at 77 Scott St, Liverpool.

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