07 November 2013

East Ocean Food Stall ~ Chinese - Chinatown Markets

Every Friday night Chinatown's Dixon Street Mall becomes a super fun, squishy, just-like-Asia night market. One of Sydney's more revered Chinese restaurants, East Ocean, has a stall peddling restaurant quality dumplings and fried snackages.

On one side of the stall they sell precooked fried stuff, the kind of stuff that is best eaten fresh so we haven't delved into it much.

Most of the action is on dim sum side of the stall. It draws a crowd so summon your Jedi Food Force and fight for your dimmies, it's worth the hassle.

The dim sum is $1.50 a piece but most people go for the for the box deal where you get 10 pieces for $13.

Our $13 box of dimmies: a selection of dumplings, including prawn, vegetable and a soup dumpling. We have DIY yum cha in the pub. Awesome.

From the fried-stuff side of the stall we go for Black Bean Chicken feet, $5 for a bucket of four. One good suck and the skin comes off with ease. Chicken feet are one of those things that really draws the line in the sand for many Chinese food lovers. Alison loves them, Shawn can take it or leave it.

Deep fried salmon head, $5. There were some generous pieces of salmon attached to the pieces, watch the fiddly little bones.

Deep fried calamari, $5. Long tentacles coated in a light batter and given a go in the fryer. Shown here as part of a Friday night forage across food courts and the night markets, a great thing to do if you are staying nearby as we did one night when parents were in town. Shawn's Mum loves a bit of salt and pepper squid and this one got the stamp of approval.

The steam sponge cake ($1.50) is light and fluffy, warm, fresh and simple. A favourite of Mr Shawn's sweet tooth.

The East Ocean stall is close to the entrance of the restaurant and Mother Chu's Taiwanese in Dixon Street. It gets congested in this part so fight your way through to get the goodies.

The recent renovations of the streets along Chinatown mean there's a few seats you can sit down at and enjoy. The pubs around also don't mind if you bring your selections in to try while you have a beer, but make sure you clean up after yourself and take your rubbish to keep the pub staff happy.


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  1. 13 bux for a box of dumplings..fkn ripoff

    u got jipped.

    ps: how much money u making off this blog. do u use the money to buy ur food kakaka


Thanks for your comment joy - please keep your musings happy - if you want to complain about a restaurant please do it on a restaurant review site (or your own blog) - we're all about celebrating cultural diversity and the great eats that come along with it :-)

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