27 March 2014

Krispy Roll ~ Vietnamese Pork Rolls - Haymarket

A tiny store in the back streets of Haymarket offers one of the cheapest pork rolls in the CBD. Cheapskates rejoice!


Hailing from the southern Vietnamese town of My Tho, located along the Mekong Delta (population in 2012: 220,000). They claim they sell over 5000 rolls a day. Wow, they really like pork rolls in My Tho.

There is only a small selection of rolls and other dishes available, choose either pork or chicken for rolls and sticky rice, and prawns, pork or chicken for the rice paper rolls. Bottled water is $1, there aren't any other drink options beside your usual soft drinks and juices.

Pork roll, $3.50. The owner has mentioned this price might go up soon so get in while it's cheap. This roll is a little different from others around Sydney. Imagine getting leftovers from the Sunday pork roast and putting it into a banh mi, using the left over gravy to pour over the meat. The Krispy Roll difference of putting topping of 'KR Pork sauce' over the pork gives it a savoury and moist inside, keeping the roll outside good and crisp as the name suggests.

Pork Sticky Rice, $4.50. A mound of sticky rice in a takeaway hamburger container, topped with BBQ pork, chả lụa (the devon-like pork roll found in banh mi thit) pork mince and gravy (KR pork sauce). Tucked into the corner are a pile of shredded carrot, coriander and pickled radish. It's like a de-constructed pork roll in a box and damn delicious. Speaking as the voice of experience, don't let it sit too long in the recyclable compressed  paper box, cause the sticky rice sticks.

Chicken Roll - $4.50. There was a five spice flavour to the chicken, which wasn't overly generous in the roll. An alternative if you've had one too many pork rolls.

One of the great things about this store is you can order extra salad items, pickles and sauce for free, and pay a little extra if you want more meat. Nice to have some choice and load up those pickles. You can also add chilli and hoisin sauce and pepper from a help yourself bar at the front.

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That $4.50 pork and sticky rice is a killer cheap lunch.

Krispy Roll is at Shop 4/107 Quay St Ultimo. Ph 8102 2376. Exclusive VIP seating area located outside front of store.

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  1. It's my favourite food every morning. I love it. So delicious.


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