11 March 2014

Mykababayan Filipino Dishes & Sari Sari Store ~ Fairfield

Mr Shawn faces his most feared real life nightmare. No, not the one about going to school with no pants on. And not the Tony Abbott nightmare, that one came true. We're talking about the ultimate nightmare of the foodblogger: finding a great restaurant without camera on hand, armed with nothing but a phone and bad light. Call the shrink.

Only in this real life nightmare, the restaurant wasn't really a restaurant. In fact it was better than a restaurant, in our books anyway. Mykababayan is a tiny grocery store in Fairfield with a few hot dishes, a couple of tables, and the nicest ladies in the hole world. Excluding your mum and nanna.

The food comes from a bainmarie-of-love in true South East Asian style. Nothing is labelled but the lovely ladies cheerfully describe each dish, and ask us if we really want pork in blood jelly. Hell yeah!

Two choices with rice for $9 is a bargain. We go for pork adobo in front, which has sweet vinegary flavours. The dark number is pork in bloody jelly, which is like pork in a rich gravy. To the right is fish in sour soup and to the rear is pumpkin in coconut sauce.

We wash it down with some Filipino soursop juice (sweet!) and ye traditional Coke Zero, fully imported from Smithfield.

The desserts look amazing. We'll be back soon with out sweet tooths and a proper camera.

Mykabayan is 13/52 The Crescent, Fairfield. Phone 02 9727 3146. Turn left just after you exit the train station on the bus terminal side.

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  1. Mykababayan Filipino Dishes & Sari Sari Store ~ Fairfield is an interesting dining place... One of the food that i love in Phil is the Pinangat and Bicol Express. But I love more Australian foods. I wanna go there after my stay in Kiama Australia.


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