01 May 2014

Just Thai ~ Dixon House Food Court - Chinatown [CLOSED]

It's our job to try every food court stall in Chinatown. It's your job to look beautiful.


You can easily pick the good Thai joints around Chinatown by the Thai customers. Alas Just Thai isn't one of those places, the cooking style is more Chinese than Thai. While it's no Chat Thai, we've secretly been enjoying this Pan Asian style of food for a change. The chef has some mean chops on the wok and there's a humdinger dish or two amongst the usual suspects. We loved the sweet and sour pork ribs in tamarind and the whole fish was a good deal, and we like how there's plenty of fresh veggies in the stir fries.

If not for our mission to eat in every food court stall in Chinatown we probably wouldn't have eaten here at all, but we're glad we did, we enjoyed it much more than we should. And that's we we write this stupid blog. My, you're looking good today.

Sweet chili jam combo with chicken (or beef) - $9.80. A Chinese style meat'n'veg stir fry is sauce that's a little sweet'n'sour, with just a little bit of chili.

Thai style vegetables - $9.80. A good honest simple veggie stir fry.

Sweet and sour pork ribs with tamarind sauce - $10.80. Caveman hunks of pork on the bone. Some hunks have just a little flesh, but these are the tastiest, others have plenty of flesh. The sauce is sugary sweet but a base note of shrimp paste (we're guessing) gives it balls. We doggy bagged it and it was equally as good at home. This dish tasted Chinese Malaysian to us, we wonder if that's were the chef hails from.

Sweet corn with tamarind - $2. Corn on the cob drizzled in tamarind sauce.

Thai fried fish with chili and basi sauce - $10.80. The usual breed of fishus foodcourtus fried up with a little chili and plenty of fresh basil. We wonder if the peas are substitues for those tiny Thai eggplants.

Pad prik khing - $9.80. Chicken (or beef) with veggies stir fried in Thai red curry sauce.

Thai fried rice with two chicken wings - $9.80. Crispy skin fried chicken on Chinese style fried rice.

This post was brought to you by Mr Liquorice J. Pussycat of Enmore. The letter A. And the number 5.

Just Thai is in the majestic Dixon House Food Court, corner Dixon and Little Hay Street's Chinatown.


  1. A whole fish - yes, folks, bones, head and all for around 10 bucks! The way it should be, and by my judgement, very cheap indeed. I reckon you got yourselves a very tasty bargain.

    I like the cat; the photo gave me a laugh. He looks like a much younger and slimmer version of Tunku Jazzer, the boss uncle cat here at Kampong Palmer. None of your fancy inner-suburban collar nonsense for the Tunku.

  2. LOL. I've been a long time reader and this, awesome.

    Hailing from Taiwan originally, it was super kick-ass to see you kids enjoy the same foods I did as a kid (and miss very much)!

  3. Have you watched a Chinese documentary called "A bite of China"? It's available on youtube with English subtitles. Highly recommended as it is a great movie showing how human adopt to the nature and obtain different food from the environment.

    1. I love that series - the best food tv I've ever seen.


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