04 December 2014

B-Kyu November Wrap Up - Something Old, Something New

We've been getting around town eating at some new places and old favourites with no real focus, we've been a little whacked after coming back from a big trip. Here's a look at what's been floating the boat lately at B-Kyu world headquarters.

Posted by Alison (November 2014)

We've been away out of town for a while and working hard on our return to save for the next trip. Catching up on new openings and closings takes some time and getting reacquainted with old favourites is a must. There's so many new places to try in Chinatown alone.

The big holiday comedown has hit us with a bang, we've both been struggling with getting back into working and blogging. So instead of just a single blog post on one place, here's some of our adventures over the last few weeks. We might get back to blog these places more thoroughly, maybe not.

Mr Lu Rice and Noodle House has opened in the spot of the now closed Asia Thai Kitchen near the Broadway Shopping Centre. Opening specials include this beef brisket soup with egg noodles for $8. The broth is fragrant, almost like a deep dark pho and the meat is soft and generous in portion.

The menu is straightforward (wonton soups, fried noodles, dishes with rice). We've tried the wonton noodle soup as well and loved the pork and prawn mix inside the brain like wonton wrappers.

Mr Lu Rice and Noodle House is at 216 Broadway Road, Glebe.

On a stinking hot day (November has been so hot) a lunch at Sultan's Table in Enmore was going to be a warm one. The outside tables are air con free, but with the plastic 'walls' rolled up there was some breezy relief. A vegetable grill with salad and a trio of colourful dips was in order ($15), much lighter to eat than a pide.

Ippudo has opened a store in Central Park on the lower levels. The store is a little less formal than the Westfield one, but the prices are the same. It serves a good ramen, but not a mighty good one. It's nice. Not one for the student crowd, this lunch time ramen was $17.

Hidden on Smail Street in Ultimo is Lotus Story, a pricier Vietnamese resto that also does pork rolls. At $15 this version of a bún thịt nướng was generous with the meat and the whole dish really filling, rather than the 'light' lunch I was expecting.

We also got out to Lakemba to revisit a favourite. Warung Ita serves a mean nasi padang, sitting in there on a hot afternoon made us crave a trip to Sumatra. There's so few great Indo places in Sydney now, it's getting harder to find.

Wandering up Oxford Street in Paddington we noticed Anastasia's had closed. Shawn remembers it well from the time he lived in Paddington in the 90's, but I never got to go there. Paddington still seems to be struggling with re-invention, hopefully Arthur's Pizza will survive.

Out in Auburn this colourful 1920's corner block has closed three stores and looks like it will be either demolished or renovated, hopefully it survives. Auburn Kebab House, Pasa Meat Market and Himalayan Fusion Cafe have all shut their doors.

Along King Street in Newtown a few places shut their doors over October while we were away. We were surprised to see Cheeky Czech closed, it was disappointing we never got to eat there. I always feel a pang of guilt when a place shuts and I didn't eat there - was it that one missing visit that caused them to close? What if I'd eaten there, would that have tipped the balance between opening and closing for them?

There seems to be something happening behind the covered windows, 'Foodelicious' is on the signs as coming soon. A bit of a 'hmmmmm, let's see about that one' on that name, not too exciting. The 'Exotik Latin Cafe' opened where Lattetude was gives us the same hmmmmms.

We are still pork roll hunting, with more round ups on the way.

On with December.


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