08 April 2015

Supermarkets of Mystery ~ Bake at home Kit Kat - Japanese

What's better than a Japanese Kit Kat? One you can bake in the oven and eat hot, that's what.

We were lucky enough to receive a presento from travelling friends - a share in a packet of bake at home Kit Kats. There are now so many different flavours to try, we feel like Lara Croft finding elusive new treasures each time we come across a new variety. Shawn feels like Lara Croft any time.

This style of Kit Kat is hard to find in Sydney, green tea and strawberry seem to be the most common flavours, so we were so happy to get a part share in a large packet.

The instructions on the back show how to cook them in one of those tiny toaster ovens popular in Japan. If that's not clear enough, there's a video that demonstrates how to do it featuring Chef Yasumasa Tagaki. He's a real chef because he wears a big white hat.

The whole bag of potential warm, gooey chocolate delight. The wrappers have a pretty blue gingham design to represent home cooking.

First step is to place them on some aluminium foil. These guys are gonna melt, and you will need to be able to lick the tray afterwards so you don't waste any. There are milk chocolate varieties available as well, we are looking out for them next trip.

Next step, place under grill, they only need a minute or two. DO NOT go and check your social media because you have two minutes of unfulfilled downtime and forget about them or else you will end up with a few burnt ones.

Don't pre heat your grill if in a toaster oven or oven grill as the additional heat will cause the rest of the Kit Kat to melt, get them in under the griller quick and fast.

The not so burnt ones were brilliant and even the burnt ones had a great flavour, the chocolate melts and bubbles into the wafer to make a crisp outer coating, while the chocolate underneath is warm and melty.

Thanks Dave and Kym for the Kit Kat joy!

We love Japanese Kit Kats, see our other post on different flavours here.


  1. N... N.... NANI!?

    Do you have any idea where these might be in Sydney? I guess I can try the Combini near Town Hall, or Maruyu, but I've been there lately and not seen them.

    1. I haven't seen them in Sydney, sometimes Combini 8 has different flavours other than green tea. I would love to find the milk chocolate ones and try them too.

  2. I'm confused as to what they actually are; can you eat them without baking them?

    1. Yes, you can eat them 'raw', they are just like normal Kit Kats but have been prepared so you can bake them for extra crisp tops. Kit Kat don't recommend you bake other types (but I'm tempted to try!).

  3. Saw these at New Yen Yen Supermarket a few months back! I wonder if they're still there.

  4. I stocked them on a trip to HK :)


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