14 April 2015

ATL Ayam Tulang Lunak ~ Indonesian Soft Boned Chicken - Kingsford [CLOSED]

Sniffing around Kingsford we're super happy to discover ATL Ayam Tulang Lunak has appeared since our last recon mission. Fried chicken fiends rejoice because it's run by the folks behind the legendary ATL Maranatha.

[CLOSED - as we wrote this ATL closed but has relocated to Mascot, see below]

Here's the new restaurant in Mascot, 702-710 Botany Road, near the intersection of Gardner's Road. Apologies to the bloke whose Westie we molested...

Anyhoo, back to the original post...

We love the new shop, it's just so old school beautifully daggy resto brown furniture cool. We can't remember what was in this space previously but it looks like they haven't changed a thing apart from sticking up a menu and throwing around some tables and chairs, probably from their old restaurants. The folks that run the place are relaxed and friendly and so too are the punters, fried chicken makes people happy. The menu is identical to ATL Maranatha, and there's still the same nifty no-fail self -ordering system (write down your order hand it to the waiter). We feel at home.

#1 on the menu is the classic ayam goreng tulang lunak - $8. A quarter piece of deep fried soft boned chook (choose thigh or breast). It's so hardcore fried and covered in light crunchy sprinkles that it takes us a couple minutes to notice the camouflaged piece of fried tempeh on top.

Ayam Tulang Lunak is a must-try for fried chicken fiends. The chook (or duck) is slow cooked in a pressure cooker for hours then deep fried resulting in a bird so tender that the bones are soft and edible. The batter is a textural wonder, so light and crisp. Beware, that side dollop of sambal packs serious chili heat. Burnies!

The sayur asem (tamarind veggie soup) came with the $16 meal deal, along with chook, fried tempe and and rice. The soup was super sweet and didn't have the usual chunky veggies and corn on the cob poking out the top. Not great but it was still a good counter to the fried chicken.

Ayam bakar - $8. Grilled softbone chicken in sweet kecap manis (or pedas/chili sauce). It's quite rich, much more full on than a regular ayam bakar, not quite as hardcore as the deep fried chicken though. Ayam bakar fans should also try the rendition down the road at Ayam Goreng 99, it's our favourite.

ATL Ayam Tulang Lunak menu.

ATL Ayam Tulang Lunak specials menu.

ATL Ayan Tulang Lunak is at 562 Anzac Parade, Kingsford. Phone 9662 0216.

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  1. ATL appears to have moved to Mascot, to 702-710 Botany Rd to be precise. I saw their ad in a recent Indonesian newspaper. In its place at Kingsford, there is another Indonesian eatery called Nasi Uduk Jakarta

  2. Peter and his family have opened their new restaurant in Mascot on Botany Road, and have now been operating for the last two weeks. It is called ATL Ayam Tulang Lunak Crispy and is located at Shop 1 - 702-710 Botany Road, Mascot. Already "word of mouth" has been active and the restaurant is busy with locals and former customers in search of the good, flavoursome Indonesian cuisine that this restaurant has given for many years in the Kingsford area.
    I'm so happy to now have it operating again down at Mascot.


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