27 May 2015

My Delight Traditional Indonesian Kitchen, Mascot

We waddle over to Mascot to try the newly relocated ATL (Indonesian deep fried soft bone chicken) and get sidetracked when we find a new Indonesian joint, My Delight. Joy!

My Delight is a cheerful little spot, bright and casual. The menu is brief and non-halal, there's pork-o-plenty.

Bakmi ayam - chicken noodle - $9. A great version of one our favourite Indonesian dishes, chicken flavoured noodles topped with chicken and mushroom, with a couple of wontons for good luck. The noodles are so soft and flavoursome.

Bakmi babi kecap - pork noodle - $9. The same noodles and wonton as the chicken noodles but topped with a homely pork mince.

Ayam Kalasan - Javanese fried chicken - $6 per piece. A nice piece of fried chook with sweet spicy flavours right through the flesh, something Indo folks are masters at.

Pepes udang - about $5. Prawns and spicy goo wrapped in leaves, we always grab these in Indo joints.

Chocolate and banana filled pastries from the counter...

My Delight menu - Indo version - click to enlarge...

My Delight menu - English version. Have a sniff around the counter for more goodies.

My Delight Traditional Indonesian Kitchen is at 1131 Botany Road, Mascot. Phone 02 8021 8048.

Further down Botany Road near Gardner's Road is the Beautiful Chinese Restaurant, we're saving this one for a special romantic evening.

Mascot is changing quickly. The old brick bungalows are getting highrise apartments at the end of the street, blocks of the bastards. It's a good thing though we reckon. More apartments means more people which means more life, and more restaurants. On a Saturday afternoon the shopping strip at Mascot is actually busy, like really busy, something we've never seen before, we're rather amazed.

This post was brought to you by Tom Tom J. Pussycat of Sydenham, a sucker for a scratch and an eager poser for the pussycat paparazzi.

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