28 May 2015

My Duo Pie ~ Chinese - Ultimo

My Duo Pie opened out of the renovated Chubby Girlz Bunz Shop, got rid of the entry to the massage parlour out the back and opened with more tables and more goodness to try.

A little cuteness never hurts when you are trying to start out fresh. The interior of this store has been completely revamped with white walls and garden style tables and chairs. The menu has remained pretty much the same, with a few new items. The main loss seems to be the breakfast menu, an early morning congee isn't available anymore and it will be missed.

There are two soup menus, a meatier broth and a hot and sour one that will kill off any lurgies if necessary. Forget flu jabs, get yourself a spicy soup when you feel ill.

Pork intestines noodle soup $10.80. Although this isn't a huge serve, there's enough hand made noodle floating around to satisfy. Ringlets of intestine, soft and not too strongly flavoured, are the feature here, while green veg stalks and some tomato wedges add extra flavour. The broth is a stronger style base, add a little bit of chilli oil for a touch of heat.

Hot and Sour Noodle Soup with pork $9.80. This soup dish is an absolute favourite. The broth is made sour with vinegar and spiced with chilli heat. Clear mung bean noodles fill the bowl and are topped off with a mix of cooked pork mince, bean paste and a sprinkle of peanuts.

Pork meatball noodle soup $10.80. The same wonderful hand made noodles this time served with big squares of cooked pork. While they aren't meatballs, they are chunky.

My Duo Pie Pork and Mushroom $5. These are simply a filling enclosed with short flaky pastry and baked like a base and topping pie we have all scoffed at 2.00am. There are a a few combos to choose from, cumin lamb, teriyaki chicken, even a sweet read bean version.

 Soy Milk comes either with a  meal deal or throw it in for a couple of bucks. This isn't your supermarket tetra pak soy, there's a different thinner texture and more of a fresh nuttiness.

My Duo Chubby Bunz are still available for $2. The quality of the buns has improved, towards the end of the Chubby Girlz tenure they were often a little cold. There's the same flavours as the Duo Pies to choose from. The pork and veg was a winner, juicy and steamy on the inside. Perhaps it channels the old massage parlour that used to be out the back.

There's a range of cold dishes available to have on the side, either as eat in or take away. These cold duck feet in chilli were chewy, they're a little scraggier and scrawnier then chicken feet. Crunch down on the bones and you get some textural joy.

Sliced pigs ear in soy $4. Either have this on the side with your soup and buns or get it to take away. Pots of chilli in oil and pouring bottles of vinegar and soy on the counter let you finish off your dish with flavour as you like it.

From the very first visit, the friendly staff have been keen to give small tastes of the cold dishes, available at times as samples on the front counter, or to making sure you liked chilli and needed vinegar or soy to add to your dish.

My Duo Pie is at 141 Broadway, Ultimo.

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