13 August 2015

Five Dollar Chinese Feeds at Jenny's and Eddies Food Vans, Paddy's Market in Chinatown

Attention students and tightwads: camouflaged in the jungle of pleather, plastic and polyester that is Paddy's Markets, lurks some of the best bargain feeds in Chinatown.

Eddies Doner & Chicken Kebab van attracts a steady flow of in-the-know tops old Chinese aunties, workers and students. There's a different dish each day, the plat du jour  is displayed on a little flip chart on the counter. Just ask for the lunch box and you shall be fed. We're told the choice dish is the pork rib but we haven't been lucky enough to arrive on pork rib day. We'll keep on trying.

Eddies' chicken with agaric (black fungus) lunch box ($4.80).  It's super plain but there's plenty of chook plus veggies underneath.

Eddie's curry chicken lunchbox ($4.80). One of those super plain Chinese style curries with a few veggies hidden under an amazing amount of chicken for $4.80. Did we mention it's only $4.80? Veggies include Chinese greens, carrot and some mystery bites of a sweet veggie, taro wethinks.

Down the other end of the aisle is Jenny's Food Van. The lunchbox here is an extra twenty cents, so choose this one if you're on a hot date.

Ask for the lunch box or chicken and rice special. There's a different special every day.

The bonus surprise is Jenny's Van has a table to sit and enjoy your din dins. The table is sparkly clean and it's a great place to sit and watch the world go by.

Jenny's chooken on the bone simmered and gently flavoured, with some lightly stir fried cabbage on the side to give it a lift. Chilli is optional and recommended. This very much reminded us of one of those simple, rustic dishes you would get in an economy rice joint in China. We feel like we're on holiday. Only five bucks!

Today's five dollar chicken'n'rice dish is fish - a lovely fillet of plain fishy with more of those gently cooked greens. A swell deal. Jenny, we love you.

Of the two vans, Eddies seems to be the more popular but we love Jenny's the most because the food reminds us so much of our travels in mainland China. The pork roll sucks though.

Our other favourite impossibly-good-value lunchtime takeaway feed is at Daruma, around the corner on Quay Street. Only $5.50 for a good, hunger busting Japanese bento, made by Japanese folks.

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