10 December 2015

Wide Alley ~ Spicy Chinese - Sussex Centre Food Court, Chinatown

We get a wide on for Wide Alley, the spicy new Chinese stall in Chinatown's imperial Sussex Centre Food Court.

[Updated August 2017]

We took one look at this place and thought "these folks know what they're doing". The stall is a little schmancy as far as Sussex Centre goes, but it's not out of place.

Then we take a gander at the menu and we're sold.  A simple menu that exudes confidence, odds on they do it well. And man, and woman, we love us some spicy noodles.

Minced pork spicy chili soup - $10.80. It's like a big bowl of spicy, wet, spaghetti bolognaise. It's spicy hot but not super hot. We dig.

Alison's chicken giblet with pickled chili ($10.80) it has a packs a good chili wallop. It's not mouth-on-fire-hot but it certainly raises a sweat with that a pool of beautiful red chili oil on top. This is a really good dish for offal-phobes who wish to broaden their internal horizons, the chicken giblets have little flavour which works wonders with the strong flavours of the soup. The giblets have a lovely bitey texture, highly recommended.

Another Alison special is the pork chitterlings with pickled soup ($10.80). This one isn't spicy at all even though it gets a one chili rating, the broth is a little oily and has some oomph, probably from the funky pork intestines.

Served alongside the soup is a small spoonful of lightly pickled cabbage. Throw it in or nibble separately. If you need more spice, there's metal jars and pouring vessels on the counter.

Pork ear with chili oil - $4.80.  We love pig's ear and this is a beauty, wet and spicy.

[Back  again August 2017]

It's been a long time between visits and it's great to see Wide Alley doing the same menu and doing it well. The stewed beef spicy soup ($11.80) is excellent, a good chili wallop and the Sichuan pepper lingers for a while afterwards.

Wide Alley is in the Sussex Centre Food Court, which be at 401 Sussex Street, Chinatown. Head up the escalator into an enchanting low rent parallel universe.

This post was brought to you by Mr Oingo Boingo J. Pussycat, he's a very boundy and fearless jungle hunter/lounger from Newtown.

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  1. i remember seeing a few new things on the menu at wide alley! i think they're on a separate thing?


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