08 December 2015

Chez Toto ~ French, Noumea, New Caledonia

We finish our Noumea feasting with some trad French at Chez Toto in the Latin Quarter.

Chez Toto is one of those restaurants popular with both locals and tourists, so you'll get fed well with a minimum of language hassle. We were surprised to be served by a super friendly multi-lingual Japanese lady.

We found Chez Toto pretty easy to get into, though it does fill up, so you might want to book if you've only got one shot.

We got a taste for rose in Paris, it does go down well with lunch on a warm day. It's not just a breakfast wine.

Alison keeps it simple with some pan fried parrot fish in lemon and butter. It was good though not a 'wow' moment, that's fish for ya.

Shawn relives one his favourite and final meals from Paris - tete de veau - 2,300F. Calf's head and veggies simmered in the same pot, so simply rich and perfect. Was it as good as Paris? Yes it was.

Chez Toto menu - click to enlarge.

Chez Toto menu - click to enlarge.

Chez Toto menu - click to enlarge.

Chez Toto is at 15 Rue Auguste Brun, Quartier Latin, Nouméa. Phone 28 80 42. See TripAdvisor and FriendFace. We scored a table on a Saturday lunch without booking but it does fill up, you might want to book up if you're time limited.

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