17 April 2016

Ghostboy Cantina ~ Asian/Mexican - Dixon House Food Court, Chinatown

A taco stall by a white dude in a Chinatown food court.

We took a while to get around to trying Ghostboy Cantina. It's location inside Dixon House Food Court meant we had to try it under our self imposed rule of trying every stall there and we are always up for learning more about different foods. We were also glad to see the stall being used instead of depressingly empty, so we knew we had to try it eventually.

The menu choices are as simple as the menu board: four different styles of tacos and two sides. They are listed quite generically, without a lot of explanation of what else is on them, so the style of each can change. 

Between two people you could easily order the entire menu (and we did) at a cost of $32. Between two people you will probably find that this isn't enough food and you will need to order at least another taco and another side. In all we spent $47 which is probably our record spend for any food court stall meal. Add on drinks to this as well.

Each taco is a small single serve, made on white flour peking duck pancakes. Two pancakes at least adds a little support for the small amount of filling.

Alison's favourite was the pigs ear, crispy lengths of shredded ear with chilli sauce. The crunch when you bit in was a great balance to the soft pancake. For us, if there's any one taco to try, it would be this one.

Next in the favourite stakes was the cauliflower. Fried florets of cauliflower served with mayo and a splash of green salsa. Taste memories of Rowda Ya Habibi or Hajizis Falafel cauliflower roll came into my head here, their versions are fantastic value and much better for the same price as this taco.

The pork was probably the least flavour exciting, a squishy mess of pork and a scattering of peach pieces.

The beef version at least came back with some bite, a few slices of beef with a few dabs of hot sauce that gave it some kick. The filling here seemed a little light on as well, just a small amount of beef and a few cubes of daikon radish.

Every taco had a similar added extras of chopped onion, basil leaves, wedges of lime or lemon, a green salsa splashed across the top and chopped coriander. 

From the sides the corn on the cob was rolled in a mix of melted butter, sesame, chilli, seaweed powder and coriander that really worked. It's a delicious coating we'll be trying at home with furikake seasoning.

The fries are also coated in seaweed powder, but would have been immeasurably better if they were served hot. Seaweed can't mask the dissapointment of cold chips, ever.

For an alternate tinnie soursop juice is a sweet winner, grab a can from the drinks bar.

While Ghostboy Cantina might be offering something different for the punters, it's not somewhere we would be making a beeline again for dinner. Even a snack is pricey compared to other great offerings in Chinatown, including inside Dixon House.

Ghostboy Cantina is at Shop B08 Dixon House Food Court, 413-415 Sussex Street, (Cnr Dixon and Sussex) Chinatown.


  1. At these prices, it will not last long here. It's too far for the cashed up Surry Hills hipsters to ride to on their fixies.

  2. Yes i dont see this stall surviving much longer especially as we head into winter!

  3. I agree, small serves, poor value, uninspired fillings. When you think what else you could have had for the same price in the same food court it just doesn't make sense. Maybe it will introduce some of the hipster types to the joys of the food court though.


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