21 April 2016

News: Dixon House Food Court features in ABC chat show

Great footage of our much loved Dixon House Food Court where Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb choose a lunchtime venue for their chat show.

One of the joys of watching TV and seeing a place you've been to pop up on the screen and getting super excited. One of the worst things is when you are watching TV with some one else who seems to have been everywhere and they get super excited, leaving you feeling jealous and secretly plotting travel revenge.

While we were watching the first episode of the ABC iView series 'When I Get a Minute' there was much jumping up and down and pointing at the TV screen when the spot they picked for lunch was no other than Dixon House Food Court! Our beloved centre of the food court universe.

Episode One of the series, Subterranean Noodle Heaven, sets up the whole series nicely. These two ABC journos head off from inside the Ultimo studio bunker for a spot of lunch and "an occasionally shambolic conversation about books, movies, TV shows, cooking and other cultural obsessions" according to an ABC statement.

And where did they eat? Sizzling & Hot Pot Kitchen, ordering up sizzling mushrooms, rice and some salt and pepper calamari. Quite different to the jolly media shot above, the meal in the photo appears on another table during some distance shots in the episode and they switch places, aah the magic of television.

We reallly loved all the shots of the mala tang stall nearby, close ups of the bowls of soup goodness heading out from that stall made us want to jump on the bus and head right in.

A nice capture of one of our favourite food places in Sydney, watch if you can get what is probably a local viewing platform only.

We love Dixon House Food Court!

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  1. Exciting when your favourite foodie place is on tv! hehe



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