31 October 2016

New Shakthi ~ Sri Lankan and Indian Takeaway - Homebush

Lamprais, short eats and an impossibly great selection of veg curries. Welcome to the wonderful world of Sri Lankan and Indian takeaway at New Shakthi in Homebush.

Sri Lankan takeaway food bars are a marvel to us. Huge containers of veg curries and rice, tasty snacks or short eats, pre prepared lunch boxes, roti and breads, hoppers or idli and sweets are all ready to go. The serving sizes are generous, the food is fresh and for those who are spice phobic not too heavy on the hot stuff.

Did we mention the servings are large? This is five veg curries and rice for a lousy $9. You might spy in here the most dark and deeply smokey delicious eggplant, cauliflower, jackfruit, dhal and green beans and a lion size serving of rice. There's double the selections left back in the bain-marie-of-love in the store. For those inclined, there's a few meat selections as well.

There's snacks provided with the curry, a pappadum and our utter favourite, a deep fried curd chilli.

Along with the ready to go curries, the range of short eats or small snacks is worth a poke at. This little pastry contains a whole boiled egg inside.

Of all the short eats, this one is our favourite. Small patties of chick pea flour and split yellow lentils fried up on the outside and soft on the inside. Vadai are addictive, we never buy just one each.

Our other favourites are these rolls, different flavours in each. We tried out a fish, lamb and chicken version of each with the soft cooked lamb filled version winning out hands down.

We also love a good lump rice or lamprais and this version is packed to the brim with goodies, it's a Sri Lankan bento filled with chicken curry (or often mutton), potatoes, boiled egg, a small fish rissole, eggplant curry (that same smokey dreamy one) and a gravy. At around $10 this easily feeds two.

The whole lot cost around $30 and we fed ourselves and a guest plus extra rounds of snacking. 

Look for the fridge full of kulfi ice creams inside the store, we are having a crack at those next time.

New Shakthi is at 42 Burlington Road, Homebush. Ph: 02 9746 5283. Open 11.00 to 9.00pm Tuesday to Sunday.


  1. Looks like I'm cooking Indian for dinner. As usual you have made me hungry!

  2. This is our favourite south indian joint! Cheap and also authentic!!


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