14 February 2017

Valentines Romance at Deans Diner Pop Up at the Townie

Romance is even better when you're a trio. We take on a spare lonely valentine who joins us for burgers and trivia at the Townie at the Deans Diner Pop up bar.

We didn't think we'd ever write about a pop up on this blog, but the opportunity to sit by an open upstairs window at the Townie and have a few beers and a burger was something that tickled our beer bubble fancy. Our mate Ginga was in town too, a lonely heart away far away from his schmoopie in Melbourne, so we offered him a bar stool and some brews to ease the pain.

Tuesday nights at the Townie are also trivia night, which is about the only sport Alison gets competitive over. TISM fans may note the relationship to the team name and the host name.

Question 6. Name two countries, one with the letters 'rug' and one with 'tug' in it? We got rug but the tug eluded us. 

The esteemed host for the evening was none other than Rodney Todd. Don't mention Guy Sebastian to him or he'll have ya. You might know Rodney from his Spokey Blokeys podcast, highly polished band The Escapes or other assorted attempts at fame and fortune.

At the back of Level 1 the bistro has been made over to look like a food van, a left over from the previous incarnation. Deans Diner have taken it over as a temporary pop up. They've got a selection of their burgers on the menu as well as some main meals and desserts.

This bistro upstairs has never really worked, this is probably the first time we've eaten here in about ten years. We've mused over a fancy boy outfit coming in to do something here, its only a matter of time.

On the day of lovers the heart shaped schnitzel with salad and chips had to be ordered. While it wasn't the schnitzel of our dreams, it certainly made as go 'awwwww'.

Completely unrelated to Valentines Day, unless Bubbles the chimp counts, was the Jackson Five burger. This is a works burger with egg, bacon and beetroot. One with the lot. It had a real milk bar burger flavour, meaty and satisfying without being over the top. The burgers all come with chips so they're a little more expensive than the Diner down the road at around about $15.

The view. Watch Newtown go by. It's a legitimate pastime.

Deans Diner pop up is upstairs at the Townie for a while. You can still get the full range down the road at the King St store.

The second country in Question 6? Portugal!

We came third last.

The Town Hall Hotel is at 326 King St Newtown.

Town Hall Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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    1. Thanks for the help - wish you'd been there!

  2. You're slipping. What's happened to the traditional Haymarket food court Valentine's date?

    1. We know but rest assured we were there a few days later.


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