31 August 2017

Waroeng NY Soedarto ~ Indonesian - Bankstown

Bankstown is so quiet on a Sunday, it feels like the Zombie apocalypse has been and gone, a few small restaurants have opened their doors to hungry survivors, one such restaurant being Waroeng NY Soedarto.

Waroeng NY Soedarto is a bright red happy beacon in this battlerville block of shops. We were lured to this place by the menu which is a bit different to many Indo joints in town.

Bebek goreng - $10. Deep fried ducky quarter with a bitey green sambal, tofu, tempe and a little salad.

Bakso gepping - $12. A gorgeously gentle turmeric flavoured soup with thin rice noodles and thicker yellow noodles for texture, flavour and added grippage. The bakso meatballs are the usual toothsome mystery meat, while what we assume is gepping, the flat meatballs, are a bit extra wonderful. These are like old fashioned rissoles or meatballs, nice and meaty with a touch of extender of some sort. The surprise wow in the super was the deep fried silken tofu.

Nasi goreng babat - $13. Indonesian fried rice with beef tripe, egg and mixed veggies. The tripe has quite a chew to it, it's a texture that we have grown to adore. It's just got a little funk and goes well with the strong tomato notes in the rice.

When we order our nasi goreng the boss lady asks if we like spicy - 'yes!' - 'you sure?' - 'we like spicy!'. We're not sure where 'we like spicy' lands on their 0 - 10 scale of nasi goreng chili heat, but 'like spicy' raises a sweat without burning the mouth. We like spicy, though we wouldn't be game to order a '10'.

From the Aneka Jamu Tradisional section of the menu we recommend the Jamu Sirih Wangi which strengthens teeth, eliminates body odour and tightens the vagina. Their words not ours.

Waroeng NY Soedarto is at 12D Restwell St, Bankstown. This is one of those special family run places - highly recommended.

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