08 June 2020

Kurumac - Takeaway version ~ Japanese - Marrickville

We continue our eating / walking / takeaway series with bento lunch from Kurumac in Marrickville.

Eating and walking have become our main forms of exercise and entertainment over the past months. We've been exploring what is close enough to walk to at lunchtime, and Kurumac fits neatly into our walking map.

We've developed quite the collection of paper bags and plastic boxes lately. With takeaway being the only option for any form of eating out, it has been the only way to get away from the kitchen and get something different to eat. We walked over to Kurumac on Addison Rd for a lunchtime stroll to get away from Zoom meetings and working from the kitchen table.

Bentos are a takeaway favourite. We love the railway bentos and office worker lunches in Japan, lots of small tasty bits of vegetable, salad, rice and our favourite, a bit of grilled mackerel. So we were keen to try one just around the corner while travel is just a distant dream.

Grilled mackerel bento - $16. Grilled mackerel is probably at the top our favourite bento picks. This one has a good sized piece of fish on rice, served with shredded carrot and burdock, quick vinegared cucumber and a green salad.

Whiting and Yellowtail Bento $17. The description for this one didn't mention it was fried, so it was almost a little disappointing when we unboxed crumbed fish. We really would have preferred some grilled goodness. The fish was a panko crusted, crunchy and fresh like a good croquette so if this was your craving, it will scratch the itch. The same side salad, cucumber and shredded carrot and a dollop of mayonnaise for the crumbs.

Each of the bentos came with a large miso soup, wooden utensils and chopsticks. Park munching or lounge room coffee table as you prefer for eating.

Takeaway menu.

Kurumac is at 107 Addison Road, Marrickville. Find out their latest opening hours on Friendface.

Kurumac Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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