20 December 2020

Satuco ~ Indonesian, Campsie Centre Shopping Mall

Ah, an Indonesian stall in a shopping centre food court, now that something we'd like to see Australia-wide.  We'd much rather get a bakmi ayam than a McBurger after a trip to Big W.

Satuco has a small menu, mainly bakmi (yellow noodles) and few street snacks and a special or two. We've visited four times and every time we noticed a constant stream of customers, most of them making a beeline straight to this stall, we hope this means they are doing well.

The classic chicken and mushroom bakmi ayam - $8.50.  Bakmi ayam is our Goldilocks lunch - not too big or small, and flavoursome without a big spice punch in the head. The one downside of Satuco being in a shopping centre food court is the single serve plastic bowls. It's probably all in our heads, but food just never tastes as good in this shitty plastic. But why does it taste so good in orange melamine bowls, eh?

We highly recommend forking out the extra $3 to make it a meal deal - you get those lovely big fried crunchy wantons, a couple of meatballs and some sweet Indo tea. 

This noodle dish was a special we can't remember the name of - similar to the classic bakmi above but with pork.

Nasi Padang - $10. Beef rendang, googie and greens in curry sauce - we thought it looked a bit half-arsed at first but it's a corker. The rendang is rich and mouth melty and those greens in curry bring it all to life. 

Siomay - $8.50. Steamed fish dumpling thingies with a thick gravy-like peanut sauce and a boiled googie egg. A delicious and small but satiating feed, must have lots of protein. This was a special on a post it note on the cash register, highly recommended if they have it.

Satuco main menu - there's also usually some specials on wee signs around the place and on the telly.  NB the menu has been stripped back a bit since we took this pick, no more rendang. Dang.

Satuco is the most glorious Campsie Shopping Centre food court - 14-28 Amy Street, Campsie. Dig their back story on Friendface.


After a feed in Campsie we highly, highly recommend, in fact we insist, you go to 7 Mutiara  supermarket (303 Beamish Street) and check out their spread of pre-prepared Indonesian meals, it's the best we've seen in Sydney. 

The takeaway dishes at Mutiara are incredible value at around $8-$12 each, and are absolutely top notch, some of the best you can find in Sydney. These dishes are huge in  flavour, we got a good couple of meals and school lunch out of them. Also check out the homemade sweets at the counter, we had some kind of palm sugar/pandan sponge cake that blew our minds.

This post was brought to you by Mr Big Kev J. Pussycat of Tempe, who likes to ponder the meaning of existence between crack deals on his corner.

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