28 June 2012

Buck-Me ~ Indonesian - Kingsford

A fast, happy feed of Indonesian-Chinese noodles at Buck-Me, Kingsford.

We've mistakenly overlooked this joint in the past. The name 'Buck Me Jellicoe Noodle' didn't register in our brains as Indonesian, we thought it was some flash in the pan Korean trend. It turns out the name 'Buck Me' is a westernisation of the word 'Bakmi', a type of Indonesian noodle.

The joy of bakmi noodles is when they are served in a bowl with chicken. The noodles are often coated in something naughty and nice (chicken stock, chicken fat or margarine?) that makes them eye-poppingly delicious. The noodles we had at Buck-Me weren't as flavourful as other places, but on the other hand they seemed to have less added fat, quite a bit lighter and healthier. That was our impression anyway. If we felt like a bit more flavour and naughty in our bakmi we'd head down the road to Pinangsia Noodle House. If we were super hungry and felt like extra lardy noodles we'd go to Fajar. We love them all.

Jellicoe special chicken - $8.50. Chicken, wanton, mystery innard and soy egg on noodles. We choose bakmi noodles. Thin bihun or flat kway teow noodles are also available.

Jellicoe special minced pork - $8.50. Same deal but with very tasty pork mince.

Nasi ayam goreng belado - $8.50. Fried chook with rice with a bonus bit of beef rendang on the side. The chicken takes us back to Indonesia, there's a style of cooking there where (we guess) flesh is cooked for a long-ish time in not-so-hot oil.

Buck-Me is at 522 Anzac Parade, Kingsford, NSW 2032 (Near Westpac Bank at the big Kingsford Roundabout).
Phone: (02) 9662 0007. Web: www.jellicoenoodle.com 

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  1. I always thought the name of this place was a noodle-related pun on an obscenity

    1. Well buck me dead, I never thought of that...

  2. Sorry for lowering the tone of your fine blog!

    1. Wash your mouth out with soap young lady, or dude :-)

    2. We'll leave the bad pun names to the Thai places

  3. indonesian pronounce balado, not belado.


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