10 January 2020

In 1980s Skewer BBQ ~ Chinese, Chinatown

While much of Sydney Chinatown is going modern, In 1980s Skewer BBQ is taking a trip back to the eighties.

In 1980s has a good old go at trying to do something a little different along the Dixon St Mall strip. The idea is to create a restaurant that reflects childhood, through the food and the interior decoration.

Along one wall at the end of the restaurant are numerous cartoon images, while the main walls on either side have a nostalgic street mural and opposite a gaggle of foggy lens shot movie and music stars from the 80s.

We can just imagine these posters on a bedroom wall in Hong Kong or Tapei in 1986. No Boy George or Wham here.

They keep the theme going with a stack of 1980s cassettes and player and a couple of gaming machines in the entranceway.

The lunch deal was a bargain even though we didn't understand it. It's the most complicated meal deal we've encountered on our travels. So we just ordered a bunch of stuff and the super nice boss lady massaged our order to fit the promo and all was swell. It turns out that when you order a main meal, you can get any of the $10 skewers for $5. Bargain.

Seriously good skewers - eight little lamb numbers and two shitake mushroom, it's a skewer joint after all. A must try. The chilli and cumin coating gives it the kick and the nuggety bits of meat are just perfectly bite size. Don't expect huge hunks on your skewers, the amount of meat is kept small so they can BBQ quickly and evenly and not dry out.

All the dishes are served on enamel tins and trays, some decorated. This is also a nostalgia throwback to old style canteens where everything was served on enamel tin plates.

Dough drop assorted meat soup - $12.80. Little doughy fat chumpy noodles like German spaetzle, in a plain soup coloured with tomatoes, black fungus, veggies, meat and a little seafood. Double yay.

Cold noodles with bbq meat - $15.80. We chose pork to balance out the lamb skewers and we've tried the lamb version on another occasion. The pork was cut in flat bacon rasher strips and barbecued with the same spices. Quite salty but tasty. Under all the pork and cucumber strips are cold noodles with a big dollop of the crunchy type of chilli sauce. Cold noodles are a great dish in summer, all the flavour without the temperature heat.

Menu - Chow Yun-Fat side

Menu - Leslie Cheung side

In 1980s Skewer BBQ (小时候 In 1980s) is at 52 Dixon St, Haymarket right at the Goulburn St end.

This post is brought to you by the worst guard dog in Newtown. Also the friendliest dog in Newtown. This black lab will always find time for a chat and a belly rub (his, not yours) as you pass by.

Show's over.

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