16 June 2012

Kuala Lumpur Tour Day 7 ~ Islands in the Stream

On our last day we do a lap of some favourites and seek an audience with the king of the roasters, Kenny.

We head down to Chinatown for some breakfast. Shawn magically sneaks Alison past this fleamarket, she could have got lost in here for hours.

A pork floss burger stand - how could we resist?

BBQ pork and floss in a bun - yum.

Mr Kuching likes a bit of pork floss burger as well. He even ate the bun.

Roti master at work.

We head back to Kedai Kopi Lai Foong, where we couldn't get a table earlier in the trip.

This time we stand in the middle, holding our ground until we get a table, fighting it out with more experienced local table hunters. Our advice is to stand directly behind a table you might think is finishing and hover very noticeably. Sit as soon as they rise, do not hesitate or you will be lost.

Soup master at work.

The feeding frenzy begins with kopi ais and tea limau ais, iced coffee and ice lemon tea.

This steamed bun looks unexciting until it is split in two.

It's a kaya steam bun! A convergence of all that is good and sweet.

BBQ pork on rice.

Hainan chicken rice.

A longneck of stout and a chinwag.

Pepper pig stomach soup.

Chicken hor fun.

Beef noodle soup.

Tops uncle in Petaling Street: I gots me stout in me pocket and me fag in me mouth and a bundle of cash! Happy!

There's some killer Thai food in KL but we never got a good crack at it. This little joint in a pedestrian overpass was busy day and night. Next time.

Kenny Rogers Roasters is infinitely amusing to us, we just have to give it a bash. The joint was jumping, Kenny is no coward in this county. There were reserved tables and everything. The pumping sound track here is 100% Kenny. Alison notes the Kenny songs played as we ate: Lucille, Ruby Don't Take Your Love to Town, She Believes in Me and Reuben James.

Oh Kenny, you are so handsome.

We came to take the piss but as Newman from Seinfeld says, that Kenny cooks a mean bird. The chook is disappointingly good, it tastes like Australian BBQ chicken, highly recommended for a Western food fix.

Our last wander around the streets before flying home.

For our final feed we return to Restoran Venny.

Tiger beer in an ice bucket, we're moving to KL.

We tried Hakka Mee here for the first time a couple of nights back and had to have another go at it. The minced and sliced pork is pretty dang good. But the magic is in noodles. The noodles are rubbed up the right way with a bit of pork lard. Oh my god. It's a coronary in a bowl but man'o'man it tastes good. This is one of our favourite dishes of the trip.

We also had to try Restoran Venny's bainmarie of love...

It was only a couple of bucks for as much as you could pile on a plate. Hidden amongst the veggies is some lemon chicken and sweet'n'sour pork...

Kway teow soup.

Roast duck on egg noodles.

Feed time.

Char kway teow from earlier in the week at Venny. Every char kway teow we had on the trip was quiet different. Which was different again to what we tried in Singapore a few weeks earlier.

Har mee (prawn noodle soup) from earlier in the week.

The folks at Restoran Venny are super friendly.

Time to fly home... There's not a lot of options at the Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCC). Old Town was a good selection for a last minute kaya toast.

We love Malaysia.


  1. yum! kaya steamed buns are my fav! grew up eating that...oh the oozing kaya.. I miss home...food!

  2. You know how the Bee Gees boys got the inspiration to name the song, 'Islands in the Stream'? One day they were at Dolly Parton's mansion and........................they chanced upon Dolly doing the backstroke in her swimming pool.

    Great post as usual!

  3. It all looks so wonderful, my kind of food. Sounds like you all had lot's of fun.

  4. Another great post!


  5. A very entertaining, evocative and colourful post. I wanted to reach through the screen to taste the food.

    The uncle in the photo, may have a few betting slips along with the cash in his hand - I hope he backed a few winners. Must remember the can of stout in the shirt pocket: a very useful lesson in multi-skilling.

    Your cat photographs always amuse and bring a smile. The 2 cats in this house (Harry Lee and the Tunku), behave like their namesakes and I suspect, would have me arrested by the ISD/Special Branch, if I photographed them.

    Trev of Canberra

  6. Thank you for a very good blog. Please keep up the good "work".

    Francis of Perth


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