11 June 2012

Iraqi Kabab ~ Auburn

We set off to have Filipino food for lunch and end up having Iraqi kebabs instead. Love this city.

We were all set to eat some sisig at Sizzling Fillo in Lidcombe, but we arrived too early for lunch. So we pootled down the road to Auburn. We wandered into the Auburn Shopping Arcade at random. This old arcade is mix of baby boomer Australiana and naughties Middle East, we love it.

We take one look at this joint and without even looking at each other we know we both want Iraqi Kabab for lunch. This place looks awesome.

We can't see a menu. This is a good sign, it means it's a real community kind of place, which means good food. We don't know what to ask for so we just say "kebab", smile like idiots and hope for the best. The bloke at the counter is friendly. Not just polite friendly, but warm and welcoming friendly.  He speaks a little English and smiles a lot, sorts us out with a chicken and beef kebab each, and a cup of tea.

The kebabs arrive with the skewars removed, served with salad, mint leaves and a wedge of lemon. The  chook is nicely marinated with the flavours all the way through the flesh. In contrast the beef tastes like a good honest simple steak, a nice cut of meat cooked well. It's good simple food.

The bread is amazing, a large flat piece each, warm and crispy.

Tea comes after eating. It's unsweetened black tea,  the regulars shovel sugar in. We see lots of folks dropping in for some tea and a yak, waving to passers by in this thoroughfare of an arcade. There's a warm community feel here and we get little travel jollies loitering amongst it. Sydney is a great place.

As we pay our bill we see there's more food to try next time. We would have come back the next day but Auburn just that bit out of the way for us.

The interior is kind of wacky to our Western eyes.

Iraqi Kabab is in the Auburn Shopping Arcade, 75-77 Auburn Road, Auburn. Highly recommended.

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  1. We were in Auburn on Saturday, didn't have time to stop and have a look around but it is on our list of places to go and have a walk around.

    1. If you are short on time grab a takeaway ready made Lahmacun (spicy beef mince roll) from New Star Kebabs. Or some cakes from the cake shop near Vinnies. There's always time for a quick snack!

  2. omg. just came accross your blog. I cant believe you have been to this Iraqi. I work minuted from thre but only found out about it a couple of months ago. mmmmmm
    its great to see sydneu siders travelling to western sydeny tpo eat out. i think it is th best. I live in new town( i think u do too) but I think the food is invariably better and cheaper in the west. well done

    you should try the Tamil/Sri lnakan/South Indian area in Pendle hill. there is yummy treats there too if you know what to eat and love fiery. A bit too far though.But considering you have been to eat Phillipino in Blacktown this is just peas

  3. hi, how much did it cost?

  4. Can't remember - maybe $10 or so :-)


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