26 March 2010

Singapore Famous BBQ Pork Review ~ Singaporean Chinese

Singapore Famous BBQ Pork. It’s square, it’s naughty, it’s delicious. Gimme.

The missus is away for the weekend and the zany bachelor shenanigans continue...

This party just doesn't stop as I step into Singapore Famous BBQ Pork in the Burlington Centre in Chinatown.

I first got the taste for Singaporean BBQ pork many moons ago when I (stupidly) decided to go to Singapore for Chinese New Year thinking it would be a wild time, decadant even. It was exactly the opposite of wild. It was dliw. Everybody stayed home and ate with the family, there was nothing happening. There was a fun fair by the water but that was dull even by Singapore standards. But the one thing I did discover was Singaporean BBQ Pork, people were queuing up around the block to get it for their New Year celebrations. I had nothing better to do so I got in the line too. The result was a square piece of pork, it tasted kinda processed but rich, spicy and juicy. Years later I discovered you can get the same stuff in Sydney's wonderful Chinatown, without having to queue up.

Singapore Famous BBQ Pork Chinatown Sydney

Miss Chicken isn't a fan of Singapore Famous BBQ Pork but I love it. The shop owner in the photo above sees me taking a photo and gives me a big warm smile, in I go.

Singapore Famous BBQ Pork Chinatown Sydney

I got there near closing time and there was only a few pieces left. I went the chilli pork number, it was $2.75 and it was delicious. So delicious that I forgot to take a photo of it so sorry folks, no money shot. I just ate the thing straight up but next time I'll take it home, much could be done with it: salads, stir frys, beer snacks etc. I'll be back to try the array of jerky type dried meats too.

Singapore Famous BBQ Pork is on Thomas Street, Chinatown.


  1. When I buy BBQ pork to take home. It never makes it home. Its so irresistible that I can't keep my hands of it. This stuff must have drugs in it.

  2. I've heard this place shut down. Is this true?

  3. We waddled past tonight and it was open - wohoo! Looks like they're closed a couple of days during the week.

  4. hey, just say you get it home. how do you store so it's good the following day? fridge? use foil?

  5. Just whack it in the fridge methinks, treat it like ham.

  6. Get it home? This stuff never makes it home, Shawn just scoffs it on the spot. So if by some miracle it makes it home treat it nicely and tuck it up safely in the fridge. It's made to last a long time.

  7. I love this stuff... It's one of my all time fave ever. Those in the photo looks Kinda dry. When done well, this is heavenly.. And it's made to keep...we just keep them in containers or the waxy paper they are wrapped in. And we eat them with bread or even congee or instant noodles!

  8. It's juicy - just a bad photo from my camera...

  9. Being such a penny pinching tight arse that I am the following occurred to me: On my next visit to Sydney I was going to visit the Thomas St. establishment and buy 1Kg of Char Sui (only $40). I also plan to visit Cabramatta. As I know life it occurred to me that Char Sui might cost half this in Cabramatta. So the plan is I'll buy a sample first at Thomas St. shop and try a sample at Cabramatta (possibly others) and compare the versions. If the Cabramatta Char Sui is equal or better to the Thomas St. shop I'll buy my 1Kg quota at Cabramatta. I'll publish my findings on my new food blogging site at:


    Give me a month to publish my findings. I'll call it "Char Sui - East meets West - The quest for the best.". I'll prepare an assortment of unmarked samples and ask people at random to taste some Char Sui from various suppliers and ask them to vote on the one they prefer.

    So who do you think will win?

  10. Does anyone knows if they are still open?

    Also preferably some info on the opening hours (as they dont have listing in the phone book)

    Thanks in advance

    1. They're still open, not sure of their opening hours but they're closed on Wednesdays I think.


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