11 October 2011

Happy Chef Seafood Noodles ~ Market City Food Court - Chinatown

We shake off post-holiday blues with the simple joys of Chinese noodle soup at Happy Chef Seafood Noodles in Market City Food Court.

We've been looking forward to trying Happy Chef Seafood Noodles in Market City, saving it for a day when we're craving noodle soup. Apart from two terrific looking stewed beef and rice dishes, the whole menu is noodle soup. The soups are good too: noodles are perfectly cooked and plentiful, broths are good, and serving size is a perfect medium, we walk away satiated but not stuffed. Prices for most soups are around $8, bargain. There's quite a range, it takes us a while to choose...

Chicken and pork mince sate noodle soup - $7.80. The broth had a sweet, almost curry-ish flavour with lovely tender chook and the goodness of pork mince. Alison loved it.

Shawn gets all high-falutin and goes for scallop wonton noodle soup - $13. There's five or so very tasty scallops and lovely handmade wontons. Joy.

It's funny, we've been out to eat a few times since our return from Tokyo, but nothing has made us happier than a simple bowl of noodle soup.

Market City is on the top floor of the Market City Shopping Centre, above Paddys Markets in Chinatown.

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  1. Wow that's actually really good value o_O

  2. Mmmm....soup noodles! Looks good. I am happily tucking into my prima taste laksa la mian for dinner tonight. So happy to have discover it. It's seriously yummy for instant noodles. Just get some seafood or chicken and fried bean curd! I think the weather is just right for noodles. Oh and night noodle market was awesome! :) I am in food heaven this week.

  3. Shawn/Alison was the chef actually happy or not ?????

  4. The chef was a regular Bernard King...

  5. Did you make use of the condiments? These are the best parts of happy chef.... other then the happy chef himself who I've never seen

  6. Yes, I get a bit obsessed with the fixins on offer - I really liked the look of the green chili in vinegar, and dunking your chicken bits in a bit of hoisin or spicing up the leftover noodles when the soup is done is always good.

  7. Mmmmmm green chilli in vinegar! Yum my absolute favorite condiment! I always have a jar at home as we pickle our own green chilli and I will add them to wanton noodles, hor fun and fried rice. Mmmmmmm

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  9. Are they all the same (the one in Sussex & Newtown)??

    1. The places are quite different. The one in Newtown has far less soups on their list, with more menu items with rice. The plain wonton soup there is not as flavoursome broth wise as the one in Market City.


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