29 October 2011

Fu Hong Barbecue Restaurant ~ Chinese - Burwood

A duck, a pig and some soy beans walk into a bar...

The top end of Burwood Road away from the Westfields and heading toward the deadly Hume, is an oft neglected spot to get some good simple food. There's a few of these barbecue joints up here, each one is busy and buzzing. For a small amount of money you can get a plate of BBQ duck, rice and veggies and feast.

Even before we have ordered a bowl of soup is placed on the table. It tastes like it's made with the discarded roasted duck and pork bones and a few thick cut hunks of carrot - in fact it looks and tastes a lot like the cloudy stock Alison makes at home (who can be bothered making it clear?)

Shawn is in a quandry - soya pork? Soy chicken? Noodle soup with wontons? He finally decides on the Roast Duck with egg noodles and veggies $8.50. The sauce from the duck pools into the egg noodles.

Alison gets her decision making knickers into a knot as well. When the food is cheap, and straight up, its often harder to make a choice rather than going for what looks like a stand out interesting dish. This roast pork with tofu at $8.80 got the nod, and the dish was far more hearty and substantial than you would think. Bonus points for the flower shaped carrots.

Big pieces of juicy fatty roast pork. Heart attack on a plate and worth the extra gym session.

Fu Hong Barbecue Restaurant is at 163 Burwood Road, Burwood. Phone 9715 2522.

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  1. Re. "A duck, a pig and some soy beans walk into a bar..."

    Then "A sheep, a lamb and Eddie Charlton walk into a bar..."

    Therefore "BAA !!!" - "baa !!!" - "Que !!!" or BBQ !!!

    Get it?

  2. I used to go to this place for lunch when I worked in burwood. Good value and simple tasty dishes.

    I haven't seen any post for the golden fang in Chippendale. If you have time on your food tour one day, you should stop by! The lemon grass pork chop and the cumin beef are well positioned on my lists of favourites! yummmm ^^

  3. Mmmm lemon grass pork chop and cumin beef, we may order exactly that!

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  5. That's a good idea re the train stations EdF. Wah Fung was great too.


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