14 December 2011

Naruto ~ Korean\Japanese - Market City Food Court - Chinatown [CLOSED]

More not-really-Japanese at Naruto in the Market City Food Court.


The food was well cooked and good value, but it wasn't Japanese. We tasted a mix of Korean and Chinese flavours. Shawn is perplexed that folks would go to the trouble of setting up a nice looking stall then not put the effort into getting the food looking or tasting Japanese. If we were going to set up a restaurant of cuisine x, we would study the crap out of cuisine x, we'd travel country x and eat till we exploded, we'd read books on county x's food history, we'd eat in all our competitor's joints. But most of these faux-Japanese joints barely try and aren't very busy as a result. Meanwhile good Japanese joints in Chinatown thrive. We don't really care what these folks do, it makes no difference to us, it's just a shame to see an opportunity wasted.

Soft shell crab ramen - $11. Deep fried crab in a mildly spicy Korean flavoured broth. It didn't taste Japanese but it did taste good. Watch out for the guts, a delicacy in some cultures and a gross-out and others. Perhaps if they marketed this as Korean instead of Japanese...

Hot spicy pork with rice - $10. A homely stir-fry with sweet Chinese flavours and a little Korean chili paste. Served on a mound of rice with mayonnaise drenched salad.

Naruto is at Market City Food Court - top floor above Paddy's Markets, Chinatown.

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  1. I eat til I explode anyway and I don't even want to start a restaurant! Burp.


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