06 December 2011

North and South ~ Chinese - Sussex Centre Food Court - [CLOSED]

North and South tries to cover some east and west too, so we find some uncharted territory in between.


At first glance this looked like another one of those joints we probably would never have bothered trying if we didn't write this blog. The menu is Pan Asian, with everything from Thai style dishes to northern China style cumin spiced lamb and Aussie shinese (shiny Chinese). It might have just been our selection but the food was a plain in a good way, less sugary and oily than other cooking styles, we found it to be a refreshing change. We like it.

One of the little routines we often enjoy when we stand in front to choose our dishes is the little song and dance routine as they suggest dishes from the menu and point like game show host models. Usually we say no and order something totally different. One day we'll take their recommendations but there's only so much Mongolian Beef and Honey Prawns we want to consume in a lifetime.

The other part of the routine is to observe the parallel offerings to any Asian clientele who wander past - usually it's the pork chop or chicken chop on rice.

So we mess with their game plan and don't order the regular skip stuff. Fried pork chop on rice - $9. A fried googie makes anything extra special.

Fried rice cakes with beef - $9. Slices of chewy, satiating rice cakes, tender beef,

Stir fried kangkong with beef - $9.50. Flavoured with some garlic, nice and simple.

Egg sauce with fish fillet - $8. One of those Chinese comfort food dishes we've developed a taste for. Basa fillet hunks in a plain, gloopy sauce that has had an egg chucked in at the last moment. I was about to call it 'Chinese soul food' and wondered if that sounded a bit wanky.

Winter melon and pork bone soup - about $9. A large bowl of plain, slightly porky broth with magic powers of rehydration, sheer magic after waddling into Chinatown on a stinky hot humid afternoon. There's just a little nibble of meat on the pork bones, they're there for flavour.


There's some dishes we've been eyeing off here while making our way to Ramen Ikkyu next door...

Egg white seafood fried rice - $9.80. Simple fried rice topped with a plain gooey seafood sauced finished with egg white. It's plain and filling and perfect for our mood.

Tofu and fish with blackbean - $9.80. Slices of steamed soft tofu topped with fish given a salty flavour boost with black bean sauce.

Chinese vegies - $4.50. Plain, simple and good.

North and South is in the Sussex Centre Food Court, right near the down escalators and the bathrooms.


  1. Just letting you guys know this place is now closed, there's a dumpling stall in its place now.

    1. Awww man - thanks heaps for letting us know!


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