12 December 2011

Jimmy's Recipe World Square ~ Malaysian - Haymarket\City [CLOSED]

Jimmy's Recipe is a hole-in-the-wall joint at the arse end of World Square that does good, cheap Malaysian street food for the city office crowd.

As we eat our lunch we overhear some office Dilberts say they have Jimmy's for lunch at least twice a week. Another bloke reckons he's here almost every day. We see body conscious blokes bond over healthy chicken and rice. And we see ladies eating laksa without getting yellow stains on their office whites. How do they do it? We feel like we have walked in on somebody's little secret, albeit an old secret.

Murtabak - $4.00, its good to share as a starter. We've never had a murtabak in curry sauce before and we like it. In the sea of sauce is a square of flaky pastry filled with greens and chicken.

Assam laksa, $10.00. Alison likes Har Mee the best, but tries Assam Laksa for a change. The soup broth has a good fishy and sweet sour tang, but with only one small piece of fish and a few lonely  floating vegetables there wasn't a lot more going for Jimmy's version. Shawn liked it for what it was but Alison reckons you're better off with the Har Mee.

Roti Chennai with Chicken curry, $9.00. The roti here is thick and flaky, with the bread coming off according to the little spiral rounds of the bread. Same curry sauce as the murtabak, and enough chicken and potato to be happy.

Har mee - prawn noodle soup - $10 - Alison's favourite Malaysian dish. A nice prawny broth but not too strong, nice!

Hainanese chicken rice $10 - Shawn's favourite. A beauty. Extra points for effort put into the soup and chicken stock flavoured rice.

Chicken satay on rice - $10. The chook has a nice turmeric kick to it. The sauce is thick, sweet and gooey.

Good for a quick work lunch, it's noisy sitting out on the street and inside is no frills but buzzy.

Jimmy's Recipe is at 50 Goulbourn Street, Sydney/Haymarket. Opposite Scruffy Murphy's. Jimmy's is also up on Pitt Street in The Galleries.

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