06 March 2012

Eastwood Korean Restaurant

We try an Eastwood Korean Restaurant called Eastwood Korean Restaurant. It's in Eastwood.

We hit Eastwood for a quick weeknight catchup & feed with our pal Agnetha. We pick Eastwood Korean Restaurant because it's the busiest joint in Rowe Street (except for our beloved Jonga-Jip, which is always busy but we have to spread our love, and our cooties).  As the name suggests, Eastwood Korean Restaurant ain't fancy, but there's a nice cheery atmosphere, even on a yechy wet weeknight, and it's chockas with Korean folks. And it's cheap. We walked out plenty full for under $20 each, excluding VB. Joy.

Our favourite part of a Korean feast is the free side snacky dishes. Our favourite was the boiled potato in sweet sauce, sublime. We polished these off and the waitress refilled them without being asked, gotta be happy with that.

Chung Guk jang - bean paste soup prepared with ground fermented soybeans  - $12. Served bubbling hot. A clear and non-spicy soup, given extra oomf with some mussels. Yum.

Haemul pajun - Korean style seafood & vegetable pizza - $12. Served nice and crunchy with fresh seafood flavours coming through. Getting addicted to these...

Pork bulgogi - marinated bbq pork - about $15. We enjoyed having this on a sizzling plate rather than the usual cook-it-yourself job. It was tender and light, cooked with a real deft touch. A generous serve too.

Nakeh bokum - spicy BBQ octopus with vegetable - about $15. This dish also had a master touch to it, the octopus had a real smokey flavour to.

Eastwood Korean is at 118 Rowe Street, Eastwood. Phone 9804 0011.

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  1. Love love love seafood pancake - in fact, am going to have it tonight!

  2. We went there the other night after reading this post..... oh so yum. Seafood pancake and the beef bulgogi were both incredible, but found that the octopus in the nakeh bokum was a bit overwhelmed by the chilli and onion. That said, the winner of the meal was a warm noodle salad - divine! I rate this place highly.

    1. Agree with you on the octopus. The warm noodle salad gives us something to go back for, and we will be back.

    2. Awww - I loved that octopus!


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