29 April 2012

Flemington Khai's Restaurant ~ Chinese Malaysian - Homebush West - [CLOSED]

We've been on a three-week Malaysian bender yet we're still hungry for more makan. So we head out to Homebush West to try Flemington Khai's Restaurant, a joint that's been on our eat list for quite some time. Then we waddle over to Strathfield checking out the food options as we go, ending with the goodness of Hello Happy Korean cafe.


We've been itching to get back out to Flemington\Homebush West since our visit to Saigon BBQ a million years ago. It's a  low key yet buzzy little place on a Sunday, very pleasant.

The place we earmarked last visit was Flemington Khai's Restaurant, which is at the end of this little arcade thingy. Fortunately we got here before the main lunch rush and beat the queue.

Flemginton Khai's Restaurant is a busy little Chinese Malaysian joint. The menu is a mix of Malaysian hawker dishes,  Chinese classics and Aussie-Chinese crowd pleasers. Like most of the joints around Homebush West they do some Vietnamese dishes as well to appease the populace. There must be some interesting fusions around here, we're keen to know what a Malaysian Chinese Vietnamese Pho tastes like. Maybe next visit...

Condiments and DIY cutlery, signs of good things to come.

Bah kut teh is listed as a speciality so we give it whirl: nice hunks of slow cooked pork with veggies and tofu. The pork bone broth has a light herbal kick. Also comes with rice, freshed chopped garlic and soy sauce. $12.30.

Char kway teow - $10. Nicely cooked thick flat rice noodles with a bit of the old smokey 'breath of the wok'. It has quite a clean taste, best with a bit of the supplied sambal added.

Flemington Khai's Restaurant is at Shop 11/90-95 The Crescent, Homebush West (next to Flemington Station). It's in a little covered arcade that leads out to a carpark. Phone 9746 8999.

Flemington Khai's Restaurant Top 5 Most Popular Menu - what a great idea, makes ordering easier.

Flemington Khai's Restaurant Menu

Flemington Khai's Restaurant Menu

Flemington Khai's Restaurant Menu

Flemington Khai's Restaurant Menu

This looks like a great deal - buy a pho and get a dish of crispy chook for only $5.50 extra, lots of folks were eating this. The other dish that seemed popular and drool-worthy was the Hainanese chicken noodle soup.

There's a few restaurants in Homebush West worth trying. Next on our list is Mithu's Sri Lankan. We're off to Sri Lanka later in the year and this looks awesome.

From Homebush West you can do a bit of a foodie walk - follow the train line through to Homebush and Strathfield, it's not far at all, we probably could have walked onto Auburn and Ashfield if the mood took us there.

Homebush is a pleasant spot, on this side of the train line at least. There's trees, old houses and a bit of money floating around. There's a few Chinese and Sri Lankan\Indian joints scattered around that look right up our alley.

Journey back twenty years with a two dollar shake from the milk bar.

We're also keen to try Sri Lankan at Janani (32 Burlington Rd), it looked quite pleasant sitting at an outside table with a dosai or a thali. And a few doors down there's the most awesome looking Sri Lanka Food Bar takeaway.

Sri Lanka Food Bar menu...

Aangan Indian in Homebush also looks great (19 The Crescent).

We continue our waddling onto Strathfield.

We grab some sake and a bottle of Korean soju for laters atthe bottle shop. We got a taste for Korean soju while flying AirAsia, dang nice with ice.

We've developed a growing love and respect for Korean cafes. We try Hello Happy. Love the artwork and vibe in here. On previous visits to Strathfield we've seen many folks carrying Hello Happy takeaway cake boxes, it must be good.

Merangue pie - $2.30 and a couple of flat whites. The coffees are excellent and the sweetie is too - a flaky pastry base with crispy merangue on top, it was pretty nice but would have been superb if a little fresher out of the oven.

Hello Happy cakes.

Purdy Hello Happy cakes.

Hello Happy Korean cafe is at 22 The Boulevarde Strathfield.

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  1. The Char kway teow is great I have been going there for a while and keep coming back ,
    I love Flemington shopping centre I feel like i'm in a suburb somewhere in KL.
    Have you been next-door to Toan Thang yet ? the Pho broth is amazing, to save waiting in line I go before 5.
    Love your blog I am actually planning my Japan trip at the moment and have found your posts helpful.

    1. Japan trip, oh how I wish we could go back. Jetstar are having a sale and I almost hit 'buy' but just can't fit it in.

      Try looking at Never Ending Voyage http://www.neverendingvoyage.com/category/countries/asia/ for some good Japan trip ideas as well.

    2. Thanks for the tip Alison you both have a fantastic blog.

  2. Mmmm, must try Toan Thang, the line was about 20 folks deep when we left.

  3. I haven't tried the chinese malay place yet because of all the mixed reviews but i love!! hello happy!

  4. The Hae Mee at Flemington Khai's Restaurant is fantastic.So are the desserts. Thanks for introducing us to this place

  5. I think the Khai Malaysian is no longer there last time I visited the area. Most likely taken-over by the Happy Chef restaurant now. Keep up the good work on your blog, one of the best in Sydney by far IMHO.


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