15 April 2012

La Shish ~ Lebanese - Guildford

One of our readers suggested we try La Shish Lebanese at Guildford. So we did.

Guildford is a quiet place, patiently waiting for the next round of urban renewal. There's not a lot happening but it has a  handful of interesting places for fellow food-nerds. We also love the mix of early and mid 20th century architecture, there's a couple of hell cool 1960's buildings and the pub still has it's yellow tiles out the front.

La Shish was recommended by a commentor on our blog, thanks Lior! The joint is modern and clean and is popular with Lebanese and non-Lebanese folks alike. Staff are nice too. There's a no-booze policy here so leave your Fruity Lexia at home.

Complimentary pickles and olives. Yay!

A mound of complimentary Lebanese bread. The bread is so fresh and soft with a hint of sweetness.

Kibby raw - $9. Raw minced meat with crushed wheat and onions. Wonderful with bread and a scoop of hommus.

Fried cauliflower - $9. Another amazing dish - perfectly cooked, lovely crispy outer that tasted and crunched like potato chippies. The frying must bring out the sugars in the cauliflower as it's nice and soft and sweet in the middle. Screw the dipping sauce, the cauliflower tastes so good on it's own.

Lior suggested we try the mixed plate which is a wise move - a bit of everything - cruncy felafels, dips, taboulie, toum (uber garlicy white sauce), chicken, and lamb kebabs, with a piece of crispy fried bread on top.

There's a few places of interest for food nerds here. We're keen to head back to Bakir's Sweet Secret for a Lebanese fruit cocktail.

La Shish Lebanese Restaurant Cafe is at 271 Guildford Road, Guildford. Phone 9632 1847.

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  1. We've been to Yum Yum's Bakery a few times for Lebanese Pizza...I think it might be right next door to here. Need to revisit Guildford soon.

    1. Yeah Yum Yum looked yum yum - you're right, it's right next door.

  2. I love fried cauliflowers! They always come in such a large serving and it is like a healthier version of chips haha

    1. Those things are like Pringles, once you pop you can't stop...

  3. Why are construction comments removed? What a joke.

  4. La Shish is pretty good. I can't go past Yum Yum most times though :)

  5. it's one thing not to have an alcohol license but what is the reason for not allowing BYO?


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