16 July 2012

Thai Time Express ~ Broadway Food Court [Closed]

If you're in Broadway and after a quick, cheap Thai feed with a difference than Thai Time Express is worth a shot. 


Thai Time Express is tucked away in an easily overlooked little foodcourt on Broadway.

It's got all the usual standards and there's a few less common dishes of interest to fellow food nerds. It's a quiet little spot away from the hustle and harassed mums with double prams at the Broadway shopping centre, and is especially quiet during the Uni breaks.

The duck noodle soup is a humdinger - a sweet rich ducky broth, thin noodles and a few nice pieces of Donald. $8. Bargain.

The guayjab pork noodle soup (around $8) is less sweet than the duck soup. Includes mystery piggy innards and flat rice noodles.

Stewed pork, egg and tofu - $6.50 from the bainmarie of delights. The tofu sucks up all the juices from the pan and then squeezes it out when you bite down once it's in your gob. This is a favourite dish of ours that we've found all over southeast Asia.

Spicy noodle soup (around $8) - a sweet tangy broth with pork mince patties, rice noodles, fish cake, fish balls, nuts and shallots. Yum. The soup servings here aren't huge, but we like a smaller serve sometimes rather than leaving half a bowl of soggy noodles. The owner gives us a big thumbs up for licking our bowls clean.

Dried beef with sticky rice - $8. Lovely chewy beef jerky. This is becoming a favourite. Strew the chilli dipping sauce around liberally.

Thai Time Express is in that hidden little foodcourt on the corner of Broadway and Bay Street (across Bay Street from the big Broadway shopping centre). There's also a Chinese\Malaysian stall and the Indian stall looks worth a go as well.


  1. At first I was thinking you meant the shopping center food court - all has become clear with your last photo.

    1. Thanks! I re-jigged it so it makes more sense, or some sense at least.

  2. Yea Yea, rub it in.

    Have some consideration for the poor souls who live a barren wasteland like Canberra and don't have access to this yummy food. The best you can do in Canberra is fry some chicken, place it on boiled rice and empty a can of Kan Tong over it.

  3. Do you guys still have Timmy's/Sammy's Kitchen down there?

  4. Ooh looks very good! Will give it a try. I've tried the Chinese/Malaysian stall beside. Reminds me of home a little. and I love how these stalls are wallet-friendly!

  5. I suppose.....



    Having just lost my job, its the Salvos soup handouts for the next six months.

    I wonder if the Salvos offer Asian stir fry?

  6. Ahh, that's the little building adjoining broadway shopping centre. No wonder I've never noticed this restaurant before...I think I've only ever step into that building once!

    I'll give it a go next time I'm there...looks like it's got potential.


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