11 October 2012

Bo 7 Mon Thanh Tam ~ Vietnamese - Market City Food Court

A new Vietnamese stall opens up in the Market City Food Court, serving up old favourites and a few interesting treasures we've never tried before. Thumbs up.

#21 Chim Cut Quay - Roast Quail - $5.50. Mix the lemon with salt and pepper then dunk away. The bird tastes like Kentucky Fried Quail, or KFQ.

#24 Banh Xeo Don - prawn chicken in yellow crispy pancake - $12.50. The pancake looks like an omelette but it's googie-free and made of rice flour, water and tumeric, so Wikipedia tells us.

The inherent greasiness of the pancake is perfectly cut by the fresh greens and bean sprouts. Mr Shawn normally hates bean sprouts but here they work perfectly, cooked a little so they don't overpower the other goodies.

#9 Bun Heo Nuong Cha Gio - grilled charcoal pork & spring roll & rice vermicelli - $11.50. One of Miss Chicken's favourite dishes. Mix it all together, it's heaven. The charcoal pork really does have a slight charcoal-y flavour to it.

You can get the same wonderful charcoal flavours from the charcoal porkchops in the bain-marie at the front counter, where it's $8.50 for three choices on rice or noodles. We recommend a porkchop with a double serve of veggies on steamed rice for a deliciously healthy feed (the pork chop is lean and isn't deep fried). The bain-marie selections are otherwise feral and best avoided at all costs.

#3 Bun Mang Ga - Steamed chicken rice noodle soup - $9.50. A big bowl of plain, clear, Chinese-style noodle soup, with some cold steamed chook on the side. The chook is sensational when mixed up with the herbs, salad and chili sauce.

#2 Bun Bo Hue - Spicy beef pork rice noodle soup - $9 & #1 Pho Bo - beef noodle soup - $9. Miss Chicken loved the bun bo hue, it's not super spicy, and the pho is pretty good to.

#30 Goi Du Ku Kho Bo - Dried Beef Paw Paw Salad - $12.50. A mound of grated papaya with a little salad, herbs and peanuts, drizzled with a thin, sweet Chinese style dressing with aniseed-y notes. The chunks of dried beef have a satisfying chew to them. We've never come across this dish around town but we'll be keeping an eye out for it now, we love food that is tasty and healthy. There's also fish version on the menu.

Banh Tam Bi - Shredded Pork, Round Rice Noodle & Coconut Cream - $12.50. An unusual dish we've never tried before. Thick-ish udon sized noodles with shredded pork, herbs, peanuts and a little salad with a splosh of warm coconut cream over the top. It kind of works and doesn't at the same time.

Bo 7 Mon Thanh Tam is in the Market City Food Court, top floor of the Market City shopping centre, above Paddy's Markets, corner of Hay and Thomas Street, Haymarket/Chinatown.


  1. Mmm, I've been really loving Vietnamese lately... this looks great! Are there many veggie or seafood-only options? - Rynagh

  2. There's a veggie list with about 10 dishes next to the cash register. There's a seafood soup, and also chili mud crab if you've got more cents than dinner.

  3. That yellow pancake looks amazing. Must try.

  4. Dear Alison & Shawn,

    Nice blog on street food and where to find it. I have started a cheap eats list myself and I'm amazed at the options that are available in Sydney.


  5. I noticed this place only just last week. A Vietnamese addition to the food court is long overdue but I agree that the bain marie selection is pretty mediocre. I'm excited to see the noodle dish with coconut cream though - I remember a friend's aunt making it for us once and I've never seen it since!


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