14 February 2013

Valentine's Romance at Addison Chinese Take Away ~ Marrickville

Nothing says "darl I lov ya" more than a 30 can block of VB and a feed from Addison Chinese Takeway. Happy Valentines Day.

Few places bring out romance more than Addison Road in Marrrickville. Mr Shawn promised the Missus a night of pure class but alas Marrickville Bingo was closed...

But Addison Chinese Take Away was open. And apart from Paris, there's nothing more romantic than that. It seemed a lot of others had the same idea.

The place is humming. Standing inside waiting to give your order gives you an amazing show and the system is surprisingly streamlined amid the chaos. There are three main chefs manning the woks with another dedicated to deep frying dim sims, prawn toasts and spring rolls. Another guy manages the prep of veggies and has them ready to go for the main cooks to grab as needed and keeps the containers of rice ready to go on the counter so the cooks can flip around, fill, clean the wok and get the next dish ready. There's a constant stream of calling out of dish names, phones ringing for orders and the sound of dishes sizzling and flipping.

The stove flames, the cooks clank and clash and the food gets prepared quick as a flash.

The feast gets unveiled. We decided on a Fillet Steak with BBQ Hot Sauce, Shrimp Prawn Chow Mein with soft noodles (for an extra dollar we should have gone the king prawn), large steamed rice and a very naughty but nice salt and pepper squid. All up $30.20.

Serving suggestion for scoffing in front of the TV watching SBS food shows and a cold can of VB.

Addison Chinese Takeaway is at 124 Addison Road Marrickville. If you're after an Aussie-Chinese fix this joint really is something special, it's incredibly cheap and the chefs are amazing to watch.

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  1. have been going here once a week for the past 20 years - it never disappoints!

  2. Now that we've moved to Canberra I miss this place so much.

    1. We were sniffing around Canberra last week and found some great looking places around the entry to ANU and at Dixon. Couldn't find anything super cheap'n'cheerful like Sydney though, guess it's a population thing...

  3. I really love being able to take a way good food and enjoy it in the comfort of my home in Marrickville. Personal favourites are those that are able to take your order and serve it up quick so you don't get grumpy by the time you need to head back home!


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