26 February 2013

Ferah Turkish Cafe ~ Newtown

Grab a falafel roll or a mixed grill at Ferah Turkish Cafe in Newtown and you can do some homewares shopping while you wait.

Ferah Turkish Cafe sits nestled beside it's namesake colourful Turkish home wares store down the south end of King St Newtown. Inside is almost a clich├ęd oasis of calm, with cool tiles lining the walls, vibrant colours, cushioned bench seats and a tinkling indoor fountain in the corner.

There's a huge array of pre prepared snacks to try - vine leaf rolls, tiny cigar fingers filled with cheese, different types of borek. You can choose a selection from the front counter or just straight from the menu.

We can't decide which salad we want to try so decide on the Ferah Special Salad for $15. Six different salads heaped onto one plate. Goes well with the above plate of fried goodies, balances out the calories. The garden salad is a mixed red cabbage and lettuce with a light pomegranate molasses dressing, a potato salad, tabbouleh type salad, mushroom salad, fried eggplant and a kisir (cracked wheat) salad.

Vegetarian Plate II $17.50. We chose a spinach and garlic dip and a drink of sour cherry juice as our options. The garlicky dip worked well with the drier rice insides of the stuffed cabbage leaf roll and the similar filling in the stuffed capsicum. It all comes cold so makes a good entree choice. The dishes were probably pre prepared and weren't fresh off the deep frier.

Mixed Grill $18.00. Three different meats - chicken kebab, beef kebab and tiny little turkish rissoles served on top of flattened grilled slices of bread. The garden salad was the same pomegranate one in the mixed salad (it's their standard salad) and a little serve of salty rice most probably flavoured with a little stock.

We'll be back to try the breakfasts when we get a chance. The salad choices seem to be the winners, and they do a steady trade in take away falafel rolls and wraps which is handy to find this end of King St.

Ferah Turkish Cafe Menu...

Ferah Turkish Cafe Menu...

Ferah Turkish Cafe Menu...

Ferah Turkish Cafe Menu...

Ferah Turkish Cafe is at 433 King Street, Newtown.

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  1. That looks like an excellent feed! So much variety :)

  2. Oh Yum!!! All my favourite foods!! I miss Sydney and Newtown in particular, time for another visit :)

  3. OMG this place looks so yum! I love your blog. I can't believe I just found it :)

  4. i love this place so much! Great variety and lovely authentic vibe :)


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