20 February 2014

Cafe Bariloche ~ Argentinian - Glebe

At the top of Glebe Point Road is a little part of Argentina hiding as a  regular pastry and coffee shop. Look closely and you'll find some surprises beyond the usual cakes and flat whites.

If you didn't know, Bariloche is a town in the foothills of the Andes in Argentina. Climbing up the hill of Glebe Point Road can feel like a mountain expedition in Patagonia at times, but it's worth it when you find a little treasure like this at the top. This part of Glebe has stayed pretty much unchanged, there's no small bars of funky bookshops to be found. Some of the stores have been closed for a while and it feels like the locals kind of like it nice and quiet.

Beef empenada is the big attraction snack here, filled with minced beef, chopped egg and green olives. There's a little bit of spice in the meat and the pastry is flakey and crumbles off in your mouth. At $4.50 it's pricier than a meat pie but the above average filling and pastry lift its value.

There's also a vegetable option, also $4.50, filled with a mix of vegetables lightly stewed in tomato and a piece of cheese inside. Same flaky pastry. The beef version is really the pick of the two.

As a patisserie, there are a lot of cake options. Occasionally they do a classic caramel flavoured number which was not on offer when we went, but today's recommendation from the cafe was their croissant. A little denser than the normal air filled fluffy version, it was not overly sweet and had a homestyle feel about it.

They also serve coffees and you can eat your picks in store at a few tables inside. If you don't feel like eating in grab your pastry and head across the road to the park in front of the library. They sometimes sell out of empanadas early, so get in before the lunch rush.

Cafe Bariloche is at 333 Glebe Point Road, Glebe.

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  1. Great empanadas, but slightly maddening that they only make, like, 12 a day, they usually only bring them out after 10 and they close Sundays and Januarys.

    Small bar-wise, Tim Bah is a block up, just down the corner of Forsyth. It's a resto, not a bar, but Ombra, the newish Italian past the Toxteth, also has its moments. Nice dudes, too.

  2. I've lived in Glebe sine '92 and Cafe Bariloche is the pick of the crop. Fantastic people run this patisserie, committed to quality and beguiling manner. Superb empanadas and the apricot danish is mighty fine as well.

  3. Hi guys, have loved your blog for ages, but feel compelled to comment for the first time since you threaten to disturb the piece and quiet of the 'non-trendy' end of Glebe Point Road by shining the spotlight on our beloved Cafe Bariloche... how dare you!!!

    Actually, not much to report so far as exciting food goes down her, apart from the excellent but high-end Glebe Point Diner, but I would love to hear what you think of our newest cheap-and-cheerful Thai, Tom Yung Tum Gang. Keep up the good work!


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