21 November 2014

Yummy Cuisine - Chinese Malaysian - Martin Place, City

Yummy Cuisine is a lunchtime city gem, thanks to the kind reader folks who put us onto this.

Posted by Shawn (November 2014)

Yummy Cuisine is a true hole in the wall... There's a tiny bench with room for maybe three or four folks inside. Many folks get takeaway and scurry back to their offices.

But the true joy of Yummy Cuisine is the communal eating area. In the middle of a commuter underpass there's six stools facing another six stools along side a narrow bench. A peaceful calm envelops the bench as folks slurp and chew and stare into phones, and generally space out a bit. When finished eating, clear out quick for the next hungry punter. It's good manners to bring back your plate when you're done and save the lovely staff folks some legwork. Yummy Cuisine is run by an elite crew of super tops aunties and uncles, these folks are real good souls.

Simon Food Favourites has done an excellent rundown on Yummy Cuisine, see his posts here and here.  Simon did a better job than us, but our post has cat pictures.

A reader recommended the beef and pickle soup ($9.90) so it's the first one tried. Thin slices of beef swimming in a light broth with some pickled veggies. It's a light yet lively soup with a slight tang from the pickled veggies.

Ipoh hor fun ($9.90). Thin flat white rice noodles in a thin dark broth tasting of soy with a touch of prawniness to it, at first we thought we'd received a har mee by mistake. There's a few half prawns and some chicken or pork.

Ayam goreng with tomato rice - about $9.50. Crispy skin chicken with a nice flavour to it and the tomato rice is light in texture with a gentle tomato kick.

Hainan Chicken Rice - about $9. Go the thigh piece. Good chook. Good rice. Good sauce. Good size. Side soup schmide soup.

Nasi lemak with chicken (or beef rendang) about $9. It's a wet'n'wild kind of nasi lemak, not a magic specimen, but a fine lunch all the same. Rice has a strong hearty coconut kick and the chicken curry is mellow and equally hearty. Half a boiled googy egg is in a pool of sambal with onion and mild chili with dried fishy ikan bilis and crunchy peanuts. I love coconut rice but man there's some calories in it, I try to eat only half.  The lovely shop lady look disappointed when she spots my half-eaten rice, these folks care.

Yummy Cuisine is at Shop 16/25 Martin Place. Head down the stairs in Martin Place, near Maccas.


Street pussycats met during the making of this post....

Pinky Tuscadero J. Pussycat owns the TAFE carpark and can be a pat floozy between covert jungle recon missions.

...speaking of floozies... Ms Larb Gai J. Pussycat takes her pats lying down and all ladylike.

Pussycat speak for 'Seeya!'.


  1. Another one for the list - everything looks so shiok. So many Malaysian places in Oz these days, lah. Just looking at the photographs, brings out my inner sense of kiasu-ism (I want this, I want that; I want the lot).

    By the way. Your series on Penang has been a real winner in this household.

    1. Thanks Trevor, there is a huge Chinese Malaysian presence in Sydney, not so much Malay. Would love some of these great Penang places here in Sydney.


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