29 January 2015

Rotikon ~ Malaysian - Market City, Haymarket

A crunchy roti stuffed with rendang or curry and a few shakes of salad, Rotikon in Market City twists the usual roti canai into a takeaway snack cone.

Roti is most known here as a soft bread for ripping and dunking into a wet curry, often eaten as a street food. The thin bread is flipped and spun before being cooked on a hot plate or griddle. But the word roti is also often a catch all for all types of bread, from baked loaves to Indian style flat breads. Now we can add 'crunchy bread cone' to the list.

Rotikon makes crispy bread cones that are filled to order so you can eat them on the run. It's a simple set up and a cheap lunchtime option.

The first step is to choose which of the seven different fillings you want. They are mostly saucy fillings so they can be spooned easily into the pre-baked cone. The stronger flavours (beef rendang and lamb curry) are our picks. The fillings are also available on rice in a snack box for $6.90.

Potato Curry (Vegetarian) $6.00. A filling of lightly curried potato and carrot, some salad leaves and cucumber topped with a sprinkle of sesame seeds. Most of the filling sits at the top of the cone, this isn't a heavy lunch option at all. The pastry is light and crunchy, you'd make a few pigeon friends with all the crumbs if you ate it outside.

Beef Rendang rotikon, $6.00. A stronger flavoured filling of beef and sauce. The cones are crunchy and tough enough to hold the wet filling. Biting into the end of this one I thought I was going to have a Cornetto moment, a lovely end bit of cone filled with flavour. But beware! This cone can squirt, it was an art to keeping my shirt front clean.

Little wheels on the side of the stall give it a food van look. There's a spot to sit and munch your rotikon along the side.

Rotikon is on the first floor of Market City, just outside the Thai Kee supermarket.

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  1. That looks so good!!! Reminds me of a savoury ice-cream if there was ever such a thing! =D


    1. Yes, it's just like that in the way you eat it. Nearly as messy too.


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