11 January 2015

Supermarkets of Mystery ~ Japanese cook in a mug cake

Need cake? No time? How about some Japanese cook in a cup cake in two minutes. We try out three flavours of this quickie cakie fix.

Walking through the Tokyo Hometown supermarket in Melbourne, Shawn and I grabbed the exact same product to take home and try - Japanese cook in a cup cake. We met in the middle of the store and proudly showed each other 'Look what I found!' Great minds and all that.

We picked up three different flavours to try, Caramel, vanilla and mocha chocolate. They were around $2.80 each.

There weren't any English instructions on the back, but the helpful (and very cute) illustrations on the back made it easy to guess what was needed.

Each packet comes with two sachets inside, one sachet makes one mug cake.

All the ingredients required, one packet and one egg. A perfect opportunity to try out my new Christmas mug from my niece (thanks Eliza!).

Pour the sachet into the mug. I wasn't sure at first if the mug was going to be too big for the amount of flour and sugar that came out of the packet.

Crack an egg into your cup with the sachet mix.

Stir briskly, using chopsticks like me because this is Japanese food and you want to create some kind of cultural context in the photos. Or you could just use a fork or a small whisk.

The end result will be a small puddle of eggy cake mix, quite liquid. You don't need at add any milk or water, just the egg.

Cook in a microwave (at a 600w setting) for two minutes. The end result will look all spongey and fill the mug.

The cake was very similar to the kind of steam cake you get at Chinese dim sum or yum cha. However it was quite plain and a little dry, a dollop of cream, yoghurt or ice cream would have worked really well with it.

Next up was the mocha chocolate, presented in Shawn's favourite Stimpy mug. This looked like chocolate cake but the flavour was more like space food sticks.

Finally we tried the caramel which was an improvement on the choc mocha. It also needed some extra flavour, perhaps a spoonful of caramel sauce would have worked.

A washing up hint: make sure you rinse out the mugs soon after you've eaten, this stuff really sticks to the cup.

We found three flavours, there could be more out there. I wouldn't be surprised to find a matcha one somewhere. I can imagine a stampede of cake deprived students with only a coffee cup and a microwave storming the store to get these.

Tokyo Hometown Supermarket is at 41-45 A'Beckett Street, Melbourne, entrance is off Elizabeth Street.

We love Supermarkets of Mystery!

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  1. I bought all 3 flavours when I came across them in HK a few years ago. Vanilla was the best flavour, and whilst they were not amazing, they were super fun!

    Ended up buying more as souvenirs and handed them to friends and family with a big goofy grin :)



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