04 January 2015

Supermarkets of Mystery ~ San Jin Watermelon Frost Toothpaste

Toothpaste almost counts as a food, doesn't it? It's probably the one thing besides food or drink we put in our mouth the most. So we decided to try out watermelon frost toothpaste with some surprising results.

Tried, tasted and written by Alison.

Walking through supermarkets I'm usually attracted to food before the other necessities of life. It probably explains why I've spent thousands on dentists over the years (and a severe lollie addiction didn't help either). Finding toothpaste in the Tong Li Supermarket in The Quay in Haymarket that could possibly meet both the food and toiletries criteria was a bonus.

Usually in an Asian supermarket the main toothpaste is the Darlie brand so I never usually look there for anything interesting. Walking around the big Tong Li Supermarket opened on the first floor of the The Quay apartment complex, this orange and white box caught my eye.

Watermelon Frost Toothpaste, what could that possibly taste like? Like minty watermelon perhaps? Would it be bright pink or even orange and white like the packet? Would it be all frosty and sparkling? I was secretly hoping for a sparkly pink toothpaste that tasted like watermelon the most.

The reality was a little disappointing at first. The paste came out of the tube plain old white. Thick and un-frosty, un-sparkly and definitely not watermelon pink or orange.

It didn't smell very strong, not like the fake fruit smell I expected. It was slightly fresh and minty.

Maybe it tasted fruity? One swipe and onto the tongue it was minty in taste as well.

So feeling a little duped, I went on line to find out more. It turns out that watermelon frost is a Chinese medicinal extract that is used to heal sore mouths and gums and for that old chestnut, bad breath. Reading through a few comments of users of watermelon frost in various ways, it seems to be a popular remedy for all things that ail the mouth.

Not so strange after all, rather quite a helpful addition to help scrub away all those sweets.

The toothpaste is available for about $1.80, in the small section with toothpastes and soaps.

We love supermarkets of mystery.


  1. LOL As a kid, I used to eat this brand's watermelon lozenge as lollies. They are yummy, refreshing and helps with digestion as well.

    1. Might have to try and find them, I really like the paste.

    2. They are normally kept at all the Chinese grocery's checkout counter. - The medicine shelf. I've seen it at Tongli Chatswood in the Chase.


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