25 December 2018

Cutie Puff ~ Chinese - Town Hall / Sydney CBD

It's the small stalls we often love the most, the grab and go beauties that offer quick snacks for a low price. Cutie Puff underneath Town Hall fits the bill, one steam bun in hand and a congee in a cup in the other.

Out the front of the CitiSuper supermarket underneath Town Hall is a small glass fronted stand that sells a few choice morsels - steam puns, pies and cups of congee. The price is super nice, at just a few dollars you can pick up a fluffy steam bun (the cutie puff as in the title) filled with chicken, pork, beef or vegetable or a baked 'pie', bready pastry with the same assortment of fillings.

$2.50 will get you a cup of warm congee - either the plain rice variety or the slightly sweeter red bean  and purple rice version, half refreshing dessert and half stomach filler.

The baked pie or pancake is our favourite, a warmish fried bread filled with a juicy rissole-like patty.

 A few onions fill out the meat and add to the general goodness of flavour. One of these makes a great snack or very light lunch. Around $2.50.

As a combo the fluffy steam bun and congee duo can't be beat - $3.50 for the lot. Has to be the cheapest snack / light lunch in Sydney.

Cutie Puff is in the underground walkway as you exit Town Hall Station, in front of CitiSuper.

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